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Method to the Madness

Michael shows up at Madeline's house to find Sam whipping up some Madras curry, because Madeline's got him hooked on cooking shows. Sam also shows Michael the gun stashed under his apron and says he does an hourly perimeter check. Madeline and her attendant cloud of smoke flounce in just long enough for Sam and Michael to pretend not to be talking about anything, and once she's gone, Sam hands Michael the folder and business card for this week's cover ID: Jimmy Glynn, in real estate, cash churning, and "vague Boston mob connections just for good measure." Sounds like a vague Boston accent is in order. Fortunately, we've come to the right place.

As Michael moves through a flashy club to meet up with Eddie, he VOs about how important it is to get a good read on your target in the moments before you meet him: "Is he insecure? Does he have something to prove?" Judging from the way Eddie's looking like a desperate wallflower even in a VIP alcove, that might just be the case here. Michael goes up to Eddie, working sort of an indeterminate East Coast accent as they greet each other in a way that indicates this meeting was predetermined. Michael acts like he's trying to jolly Eddie along by talking about all the ladies he must get in the music business, but Eddie wants to change the subject (because he's insecure and has something to prove). Michael goes right into his sales pitch: he can get Eddie an untraceable return on his investment in six months, plus a 30-40 percent profit, "minus my cut." Sounds good to Eddie, but when Michael asks for $2 million in cash by the end of the week, Eddie scoffs. Michael acts offended at Eddie's small-time attitude and is about to leave, but Eddie tells him to stay, assuring him that it's not the money but the time frame. Michael says sorry, but he moves fast. He can't be giving people time to Google him, after all. Eddie says he wants to see the real estate first, and they drink to that. Hey, what's Ricky going to say when two Johnnie Walker Blues show up on Michael's expense report? Oh, wait.

Next day, Michael and Eddie are touring a condo that looks like one of those places that ran out of money in the middle of construction. How did they gain entry? Michael's VO: "There's nothing in the world easier to get into than an empty condo that's been on the market for six months. Never mind picking the lock; you can just call and ask for the keys." Looking like Pepe LePew in a dark shirt and suit with a white tie, Michael gives Eddie a hard (but vague) sell about how he'll take Eddie's money under the table, then buy the property and flip it. Eddie wants to think about it, but before Michael can rush him for more than a few seconds, Eddie gets a page and has to bounce. A moment later Michael gets a call from Ricky from Valentine's office, reporting that a pissed-off Valentine is calling an emergency meeting in ten minutes. Oh, come on, what kind of emergency can wait ten minutes? Still, Michael figures that's where Eddie's off to. Ricky can't decide if he should make the meeting or skip out. Michael unhelpfully tells him it's his call, and when Ricky decides to attend, Michael tells him to leave his phone on and he and Fi will be listening in, ready to provide backup. "But if it looks like something's going bad down there, get out." Well, that should be easy enough. "Valentine, sorry, but I gotta hit the bathroom. Can you kill me when I get back?"

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Burn Notice




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