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Method to the Madness

Fi pulls the Saab up to the curb across from Valentine's office with Michael in the shotgun seat, which is going to turn out to be kind of ironic in a minute. She wants to go in shooting right now, but Michael would rather hang back and listen to what's going on in the conference room.

Inside, Ricky slides his cell phone into the middle of the conference table and looks around nervously. Good thing there are actual spies helping him with this situation. Nobody notices his shifty conduct, though, because Valentine has commenced a speech inspired by DeNiro as Al Capone in The Untouchables. Removing one of the platinum records from the wall behind him, Valentine warns the group, "Last chance to come clean, people." Nobody does. And meanwhile, out in the car, Fi is already loading her shotgun. Dammit, Fi, clearly Michael already called shotgun. Inside, Valentine zeroes in on a guy at the conference table named Marcus, accusing him of trying to defect to another label by bringing one of Valentine's artists -- the one whose platinum album Valentine is currently brandishing -- with him. Marcus seems to have no idea what Valentine's talking about, but Valentine heard it from Eddie, so he figures it must be true. "What do I do to thieves, Eddie?" Valentine asks without taking his eyes off of Marcus. "What you have to, Valentine," Eddie says in his best Iago impersonation. "Rick, what you think?" Valentine asks, because if he asks anyone else that means giving a line to an extra and that isn't about to happen on USA. Ricky plays it cool, saying, "I think you're in a conference room full of witnesses, V." Valentine thanks Ricky for the appeal to his better nature and kicks Marcus out, but not before smashing that platinum record and its glass case over Marcus's head. Yikes, that could have given new meaning to the term "severance." He then tells everyone else to get out of the conference room -- except Ricky.

Outside, that's all Fi needs to hear; she's got her gun loosely wrapped in a sack and is already stomping across the street with it. Inside, Valentine is giving Ricky two days to resolve the "bank error." Michael catches up with Fi in the middle of the street and orders her, "Stand down!" Somehow that gets through to her. Now that Ricky is alone in the conference room, he confirms that Michael heard what just happened. "Sounded like Eddie was letting Valentine know who he could trust," Michael observes. Ricky's worried about Valentine killing him when he finds out the money's really gone, and Michael promises not to let that happen. "I'm meeting with Eddie tonight," he says. He does not ask Ricky for an advance.

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Burn Notice




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