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Method to the Madness

Which is too bad, because that meeting is taking place at another expensive club (or maybe the same one; it might as well be, I suppose), where Michael is presenting Eddie with some paperwork. Suddenly a waitress appears with a big fruity drink for Michael. Looking over to see who sent it, Michael spots Victor. "Could you hold this for a second," Michael asks Eddie, his Boston bluster momentarily gone. He goes to intercept Victor, who looks a lot better with regular glasses on instead of those shades. "You should have called," Michael says. Victor holds up the bedazzled phone he gave Michael and says, "You ever pull another stunt like that, Michael, and uh..." He gives what he thinks is a scary chuckle and advises him not to do it again. I'm sure we're supposed to think that Victor somehow got around Michael's sneaky little plan, but Occam's Razor suggests that Michael just screwed up the call forwarding and poor little Bedazzled has been forlornly playing "My Humps" on Michael's workbench all evening. His point made, Victor wiggles the keys to a Chevy Impala in front of Michael and tells them they're going for a ride tomorrow. Michael says he's busy, which doesn't impress Victor. In fact, he's already learned all about Michael's cover by talking to his waitress. And with that, he loudly Bostons, "You're a real wicked skinnah, you know that, Jimmy?" Stepping over to where Eddie can clearly hear and see him, Victor yells at "Jimmy" for being an FBI magnet. Pretending to notice Eddie for the first time, he says, "Tell him if he doesn't want the Feds camped out in his back yahd he should stay the hell away from Jimmy Glynn!" Eddie walks out without a word, shoving Michael's papers back at him as he goes by. Satisfied that Michael's schedule is clear, Victor takes his leave. Well, at least he was nice enough not to totally blow Michael's cover. Oh, and Michael? Are you going to finish that drink?

Ricky, Michael, and Fi sit at a bar the next day discussing the situation. Or actually, Michael and Ricky discuss it while Fi peruses a Valentine catalog. Michael tells Ricky to stay calm, and leaves him in Fi's capable hands. Oh, wait, I meant "grasping hands," as she asks him about whether he gets a company discount. It's like she spends all her spare time inventing new ways to be tiresome.

As Michael waits for Eddie in an underground parking garage, he VOs, "When your cover's compromised, often the best defense is a good offense. Admit nothing, deny everything. Make counter-accusations." With that, Michael stomps up to Eddie next to his car, accusing him of turning the feds on him. "Now I gotta kill my deals, all my investors are lost, I gotta move my money offshore!" He even puts a gun up against Eddie's throat and asks whether Eddie talked to anyone. Eddie of course stammers that nobody has even approached him, and after selling it for another few seconds, Michael pockets the gun and suddenly they're friends again. "Jimmy" says they need to stick together, and instructs Eddie to keep his eyes open and let him know if he sees any sign of law enforcement. While walking away, Michael gets on his cell phone and asks Sam to take his mom on a little field trip for him. See, Michael wants to make sure Eddie does see some sign of law enforcement.

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