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Michael returns to the kitchen, with the robber who drank the spiked Coral Steer, and who is now complaining of numb fingers and nausea. Michael offers to take the guy's pulse. He's suspicious, but doesn't try to stop Michael until it's too late and Michael is pressing on his throat. Michael VOs, "In a weakened state, you want to avoid pressure on your carotid artery." The robber tries to raise his gun, but Michael easily pushes it away and bullet after bullet gets fired into the ceiling. Since the gun is silenced and the bullets are hitting acoustic tiles, it's probably producing a negative amount of sound. "Block the blood flow to your brain and you black out in four seconds." It takes a little longer, but eventually the POV shot of Michael goes blurry and the robber is out cold. That leaves Michael free to deal with the other urgent issue on his mind right now, which is the deadly poison currently in his belly. He VOs, "The coating on tablets in medicine keeps them from dissolving right away, which buys you a little time to find some privacy and do the only safe thing: get them out of your system. So Michael leans over the trash can and sticks his fingers down his throat. If ever this show needed a "don't try this at home" disclaimer, I would think this would be it.

At the marina, Sam flags down a guy and claims he's supposed to be fixing a guy's radio, but he forgot the slip number. "Is there somebody hanging around his boat, kind of looking pissed?" Sam quickly gets pointed in the right direction.

With his system clear, Michael now sets about arming himself with the gun of the guy he just knocked out. The problem is that gun only has one bullet left in it. As he sneaks out, he keeps low, behind the cube walls, which allows him to eavesdrop unseen on Prescott and Robber #2. Apparently the vault is clear, and they can leave now. As soon as they kill all the hostages. Hmm, that doesn't sound like that'll work with Michael's plan. Whatever that plan may be at the moment.

Back from the ads, the robbers begin herding the hostages into the vault. Floppy-Hair wonders if it's time to attack, but Bly tells him to hold off. "Just trust me," he mutters.

Michael returns to his secret communications post and gets Sam on the phone again. "I'm at the marina, looking at the getaway boat," Sam answers. Michael says they're out of time and out of options. Sam suggests offering to swap the hostages for Prescott's boat driver, who we see pacing on the dock wearing a suit. Not conspicuous at all. Neither Sam nor Michael thinks Prescott will go for it. "What about a little Operation Quicksilver?" Michael suggests. I think they're engaging in some of their Westen/Axe shorthand, but apparently it's a reference to World War II, which even Sam wasn't around for. They seem to understand each other nonetheless. "I have a Walther with one bullet," Michael says. "You gotta sell this, Sam. You gotta sell this like you've never sold it before." "That's the kind of pep talk I like, Mikey," Sam says, and hangs up. As he walks up the dock toward the boat driver, his cell pone rings. It's Beer Lady again, calling to dump Sam. "I think your life is a little too fast-paced for me," she says. Don't sit and take that, Sam; tell her how long you've been working on the burn notice mystery with Michael. But instead, Sam whispers that he's just enjoying a leisurely stroll along the ocean. By now, Prescott's boat driver has made him, and he draws a gun as he comes around the corner of a tall junction box. But when he gets there, all he sees is Sam's walkie-talkie, spouting static. "Hands in the air," Sam orders from behind him, which kind of screws up the story he was trying to sell Beer Lady. Sam admits that she's probably right. "Enjoy one of those beers in Antigua for me." With that, he kicks the driver's knees out from under him. "You bastard, you ruined something special!" he pouts.

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Burn Notice




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