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From his hiding place, Michael sees Prescott getting ready to leave. He unscrews the silencer so he can stash the Walther in the back of his pants as he VOs, "If you have one bullet and you need to take down three armed guys in close quarters, you're betting your life on a lot of lucky breaks. It's the kind of bet you don't want to make unless you have to." Michael catches up to Prescott, Robber #2, and the fake guard in the lobby, and with one hand behind him on the butt of his hidden gun, tells them that one of their guys just had a stroke in the kitchen and needs medical attention. Prescott is ready to write off his accomplice, but he doesn't seem to consider the question of what might have happened to that accomplice's gun once he lost consciousness in Michael's presence. He just orders Robber #2 to bring Michael to the vault with the others.

But just then, Prescott's walkie-talkie erupts with the sound of a very frightened boat driver. "They're at the boat. They shot me! Why didn't you tell us?" the driver wails at Prescott. At the marina, Sam is holding a gun and the driver's radio to his head. "Why didn't you tell us who owned the bank? They're coming back. We're all dead. We're all dead!" The robbers seem pretty convinced by the driver's unconvincing performance. Sam lets a burst of static go through and then talks into the radio himself, using his very scariest voice. "Tom Prescott? Was it dumb luck that you chose my bank? Or did you and your buddies decide that today was a good day to make the worst mistake of your lives?" Prescott has no idea what Sam's talking about. Sam passes up a chance to identify himself as Chuck Finley again, and gives some big talk about how no one robs his bank. The other robbers are starting to look kind of frightened as Sam goes on. "So you think you got yourself a good plan with your getaway truck and your boat? Well, I got a plan, too." Sam takes his time spinning out some very elaborate death threats. Downstairs, the two robbers who are supervising the hostages are picking up the transmission as well. And they're distracted enough by it that Bly's able to make his move, clubbing them both to the floor with the wrench and taking one of their guns before he's even down. Bly tries to keep steady while the hostages rush out of the vault behind him. As Sam finishes up his threats, Robber #2 upstairs is clearly buying the act. "He's lying," Prescott says uncertainly, claiming he did his homework. Suddenly Michael interrupts quietly to tell them about a patient that was brought into his clinic in the middle of the night. "He was tortured so badly I couldn't believe he was still breathing. A man was with him. It was the man on your radio. I'll never forget the voice." With his arms now folded in front of him --Michael doesn't even need the gun now -- Michael goes on to say that the owner of the voice held a gun to his head, and said that he wanted Michael to save the tortured man, because he wanted the pain to last longer. Kind of a coinkydinky that Michael just happens to have encountered the owner of the threatening voice on the radio, no? "He said to come here for my money, my blood money," Michael explains. Oh, okay then. But he goes on: "There's a place between life and death. Amazing how long a man can linger there." Wow, there's selling, and then there's overclosing. Prescott shuts Michael up, and speaks into his radio to tell his guys downstairs to bring everything up so they can leave. When he can't raise them, because Bly took them out, Michael pushes further: "He'll have people outside the bank, in your truck and on your boat. You have no idea who you're dealing with." Robber #2 is losing it, but Prescott insists they just take the money and run. And as he turns to the door, their truck gets blown sky-high. It shatters the lobby doors and nearly levels the whole block. There were probably enough explosives in there to blow a hole in the side of a bank. Thank you, Fi. Robber #2 freaks out and takes aim at Prescott, but Prescott shoots first. With his wounded hand, and a magically repaired gun. And then, before the fake guard can shoot Prescott, Prescott shoots him too. "Un. Believable," Prescott tells Michael. "Just not your day, I guess," Michael agrees. Instead of shooting Michael, Prescott picks up a bag and runs out the shattered front door, only to be immediately surrounded by cops. They're probably curious about that explosion. And I wouldn't care to be the officer who saw the exploding truck before it exploded, either. As he puts his hands behind his head, Prescott suddenly seems to see the humor in the situation. Oh, he doesn't know the half of it.

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Burn Notice




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