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Later, in the parking lot of a sprawling residential complex, Michael and Sam are coming up empty, but Michael doesn't mind too much. "Better this than sitting in my mom's kitchen, watching her smoke," Michael says. Sam suddenly has to go off for a date, which explains why he's wearing a linen suit jacket over his aloha shirt today. Of course Sam can never resist talking about his dates, and this time is no exception: "She made millions as a beer distributor... She's got a beach house in Antigua with a quad Kegerator? That's four kegs of beer at 33 degrees, baby!" As Sam takes off, Michael's response is the same one I would make: "Sounds like love." Just then Michael's cell phone rings. It's Paula, calling to tell Michael that Prescott is outside her work. "I'll be right there," Michael promises, without waiting to find out where she works.

But one edit later, Michael has apparently traced her call to a place called Broward Private Trust. Inside, Paula tells Michael that Prescott has been driving past and looking inside, and she's worried about him making a scene at this appointment-only, "very exclusive, very private" bank where she's an assistant manager. Michael starts to realize what's really going on here, and asks whether Prescott had been asking her about her work and schedules and so forth. Paula confirms as much, but she still thinks this is all about her. Michael would probably set her straight right about now, but before he can, he sees that behind her, Bly has just walked in the front door. He and Michael exchange big waves and smiles. Michael excuses himself from Paula and goes over to where Bly has taken a seat on one of the lobby sofas. Bly threatens to keep pushing Michael and asks, "You find that file yet?" "Not yet, let's talk later," Michael says. "Later's bad for me. Now is good," Bly insists. He's demanding the entire contents of Michael's blackmail file on him: "Files, phone records, the page in your diary where you drew little hearts around my name." Michael sits down next to Bly, practically arm-in-arm, and asks if he really wants to do this. "You really think you have nothing to lose?" Bly asks in return. Well, that depends on whether Bly has started in on Michael's yogurt stash.

Right then Paula calls Michael's attention back to what he's here for: in fact, her "stalker" has just walked in. He's being played by the guy who plays Romo Lampkin, although I first encountered the actor on 24 as Season Five's Ivan Erwich, a.k.a. Yellow Tie. Anyway, as he enters through the bank's front door, the subtitles play along and identify him as "Prescott -- Stalker." "Heee's not a stalker," Michael says calmly. And Prescott, with four other suited guys walking in behind him and pulling out big silenced handguns, announces, "This is a robbery!" The subtitles now inform us that this is actually "Prescott -- Bank Robber." Thanks for keeping up, subtitles. With deadly efficiency, Prescott's men knock out the lone guard. A delivery guy who was already there pulls out a gun of his own, revealing himself as part of the crew. Someone produces and activates a cell phone jammer, and Prescott explains that everyone's cell phones are now useless. "So leave them on the floor and head into the conference room." When no one moves, Prescott pulls out his own gun and, with a bored expression, fires a shot into the ceiling. The silencer on the weapon kind of ruins the effect, so he has to back it up by bellowing, "Now!" As he and his men start herding the employees -- and Michael and Bly -- into the back, one of his guys steals the uniform jacket off the incapacitated guard, for reasons that will never become clear. Michael explains in VO, "There are a number of different choices when you take over a building by force. Do you keep the hostages facedown on the floor, or do you move them into a room together?" Looks like these guys are going the latter route, which they will live to regret. Well, some of them will. They move through the cube farm sweeping up more terrified employees. One floppy-haired employee is trying to dial his cell phone, until one of the robbers takes it from him and unnecessarily stomps it into the carpet. Michael continues with his VO: "And how do you deal with the place's security measures?" Like the bank manager who's locked himself into his office. But the robbers freeze the lock with a liquid-nitrogen gun, which allows Prescott to enter and tell the guy inside to get into the conference room. "Whatever your style," Michael continues, "hostile takeovers are about one thing: total dominance." Prescott adds that he's killed the silent alarm, and is prepared to do the same to the bank manager. Well, at least then they'd be together again.

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Burn Notice




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