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Fi and Sam pull in across the street from the bank, as Fi confirms Michael's instructions with Sam. Except Sam forgot to find out when Michael wants it done. "It's Mike, he's improvising," he says defensively. Fi's still irritated, but Sam snipes at her to go set the charges. He's got a point; if there aren't any explosives in place, it doesn't really matter when they're supposed to go off, does it?

Michael arrives downstairs to find Prescott supervising the raiding of the vault while one of his men lies there with a gnarly wound in one leg like he was gored by a bull. Or maybe a steer. "The air hammer broke and the piston came off in his leg," Prescott explains to Michael, telling him to fix it. Michael starts by offering the hurt thief some meds, VOing, "People are too trusting when it comes to pills. They'll take whatever a doctor hands them." Michael asks to use Prescott's liquid nitrogen gun to cauterize the wound. As Prescott reluctantly brings it over, Michael VOs, "Liquid nitrogen can cool a wound to a hundred and fifty below, freezing the cells and cutting off blood flow." So could leaving my house last month. Michael also tells Prescott to tie the tourniquet around the wounded robber's leg, so Prescott crouches down, setting his gun on the floor within Michael's reach so he can use both hands to attend to his accomplice. Which is unbelievably careless of him. And I mean that in the literal sense -- I do not believe that Prescott would be so careless with his weapon. Lucky for him, Michael doesn't want to steal the gun and use it; he just sends a squirt of liquid nitrogen into the muzzle. "Freeze the inside of a gun, and the next time it gets hot, it'll rip apart as though it's loaded with the wrong ammo," Michael VOs. He'd just better hope that when Prescott picks it up again he doesn't notice that it feels like it just came out of the fridge. Just as Michael finishes freezing the wounded leg, Prescott's walkie-talkie goes off -- he's being called to the conference room, where they've got trouble. I think we can safely assume that none of the robbers are wanting to complain about its décor.

Upstairs, Robber #2 has found the hole they've been working on, and he's got a gun on Floppy-Hair. Prescott calls him over, all disappointed. Floppy-Hair begs for his life, but isn't getting anywhere until Bly steps up to take the blame, handing over the scissors handle-first. "Can't stop causing trouble, eh?" Prescott says, stepping away from Bly to hand the scissors off to a minion. Then he raises his gun to shoot Bly. Everyone cringes, including Michael. But when Prescott pulls the trigger, his gun blows up in his hand. Michael's the only one who can believe it. "Shoot him!" Prescott yells, cradling his wounded hand. Robber #2 takes aim at Bly, but Michael steps between them. He tells Prescott, "You got metal shards in your hand. You're gushing arterial blood. I'm the only guy here who can save your hand. Probably your life. Tell your man to back off, or find another doctor." So this makes, what, the third time Michael has saved Bly's life this hour? Prescott tells Michael to come with him, and his men to move everyone downstairs. Where presumably they won't be able to cut through a wall to the outside.

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Burn Notice




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