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Michael Sam, and Fi are hanging out by some hotel pool, and the guys are gloating about the slick fake intelligence file Sam dummied up pointing to telecom CEO John Barrett, while Fi's more worried about the effort they're going to just to keep Jesse out of the loop w/r/t how they found out it was Barrett in the first place. Michael rationalizes, "He just wants a name, and we're gonna give him that name." And lie about how they got it, apparently.

Over at Madeline's house, Michael and Sam show the file to Jesse, who's all "why didn't I think of that?" when he learns that Barrett is the guy he's been looking for. He wants to know when they're heading up to New York to pay Barrett a visit, but Michael says that's not in the production budget. Plus they need to bring Barrett onto their home turf. While he's saying he plans to offer the Bible to Barrett, Madeline calls an end to the meeting by announcing that her card buddies are on their way over. And she's clearly in a mood about something.

Jesse's and Michael move things over to Michael's loft, and they're getting ready to give Barrett a call. In addition to a clear case of nerves over this culmination of his three-year investigation, Jesse has doubts about whether they should really be using the straightforward approach. But Michael points out that it's not like they could get away with lying to someone like Barrett anyway. "We're just two burned spies selling a book code." Michael dials, and the call goes straight through to the T-1000 himself, Robert Patrick, who is presiding over a board meeting in a room that appears to overlook either New York's Central Park or a pretty good matte painting of it. He interrupts the meeting to answer it, and Michael gets right to the point, giving his real name and saying, "I have this odd-looking Bible? ...Is that at all interesting to you?" It's interesting enough to him that Barrett clears the room so he can continue the call. He's pretty curious about who Michael is and how he got a number that even his wife doesn't have, but Michael wants him to stay focused on the Bible that "you've been robbing banks and killing people to find." He says he and his partner Jesse Porter used to work for the government, but Jesse chimes in to say they thought Barrett might be hiring, what with him being a merchant of death and all. Barrett plays dumb, pretending they have the wrong number and the wrong man. "I run a telecom company," he says. Whose board meeting he just interrupted to take this call, even though it's a wrong number. The subtitles back him up: "John Barrett -- Drake Technologies CEO," until the lower line is pushed aside by the words "Merchant of Death." Michael pleasantly says the Bible's in Miami whenever Barrett's ready to talk, and hangs up. Jesse's not thrilled with how it went, but Michael says Barrett's already on his way, one way or another. That doesn't seem to make Jesse feel any better.

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Burn Notice




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