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Madeline shows up at Michael and Fi's lunch table to take him to task for the whole business with Jesse ,which apparently has her pissed off all over again. After she stomps off, Michael tells Fi, "I want to thank you again for suggesting Jesse live with her." Even Fi admits that wasn't her best move, and then she's off to meet a client: a FOAF who got seduced and scammed by a womanizing con man. "Clearly a job for Sam Axe," Fi says before flouncing off. Yes, because Michael is so gnarled and hideous.

Fi and Sam are at the home of the client, a widow played by Jean Louisa Kelly from Yes, Dear. She's been busy boxing up a bunch of stuff in her nice house to sell off, but takes a break to serve them iced tea and tells them about how this guy named Charles charmed her into giving him access to her bank accounts, saying he'd invest it for her. Fi talks about breaking the guy's kneecaps, but Sam suggests fighting fire with fire. "Charles isn't the only charmer in Miami," he says smugly, as "Emily -- the Client" looks at him dubiously. Fortunately the scene ends before Sam chokes on his iced tea and dribbles it down the front of his shirt.

Michael and Jesse, both carrying large duffel bags, let themselves into a huge abandoned boathouse. "I don't mind being the bait as long as the trap is good enough," Michael tells a doubtful Jesse. Cut to the two of them setting up a booby-trap with a 50-gallon drum and a defibrillator. Then they set up a Webcam so they can monitor the trap remotely using some Skype product placement. Jesse's still nervous about whether this is going to work, wondering, "Why do I get the feeling Sam's having more fun than we are?"

Probably because Sam's across town wading through some bikini porn, where he and Fi already have "Charles Archer -- Sleazy Womanizer" under stakeout while he chats up a new mark at the bar. Charles doesn't have much of a rap sheet in the U.S., but he has an Interpol file, thanks to a few of his marks back home in England disappearing when they complained. Sam says it's time for Chuck Finley to step in, ignoring Fi's protests that the target's name is Charles, and that'll just create confusion. "Chuck Finley is forever," Sam insists. OR at least it is until more people in Miami know that name than Michael Westen's.

That night, Sam and Fi invite themselves to sit down across from Charles and his new mark Lindsey. Charles isn't happy to have his style cramped like this, until Fi makes some remarks about all the money she's supposedly been throwing around since hitting town. They banter until the ladies hit the powder room, and Charles asks what "Chuck" does. Sam says he does the same thing Charles does, and Fi is his most recent target. But Sam adds that the IRS is after him, so he needs to run "Alexis's" money through Charles's accounts. Charles isn't interested. And in fact, he's kind of rude about it, ordering Sam off his turf. Plus anyone who calls themselves a "lone wolf" without irony deserves to suffer the fate that usually befalls people like him at the end of any given Burn Notice episode.

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