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Sam's at Charles's house, putting his living room into artful disarray while on the phone to Fi (waiting outside in her Hyundai Commercial) about how it's time to wake Charles up. Jesse surprises Fi by joining her in the car, and Sam wakes Charles up, freaking him out with all manner of wild tales about the night before, including how he crashed into a Bentley and then bought it. Sam can even produce the car, which, I'm not sure how he managed that. Charles gets in the Bentley and drives off in a panic, with Fi and Jesse on his tail.

Charles goes not to a bank, but to a law office. Through the bug in his phone, Fi and Jesse can hear him (although they have to drive closer to do it) as he yells at "Martin -- Charles' Lawyer/Dirty Money Manager." Martin also has some muscle in the room, who looks out the window and sends someone out to check out Fi's Commercial. Michael VOs that when your surveillance gets blown, you have two choices -- run, or stay put and look like you have a reason to be there. Whereupon Fi hurls herself into Jesse's lap and starts making out with him. And it's...uh...pretty convincing. In fact, it's hotter than it ever is with her and Michael. A security guy taps on the window to chase them off, and Jesse Freudian-slips, "What, I can't make out with his girlfriend?" Once the coast is clear, they breathlessly declare it..."tactical." Uh-huh. Jesse, would you mind standing up for a minute? I just want to see something.

Sam and Fi update Emily on what they've learned about Charles's accounts through Barry, the recently invisible money launderer (although Sam's product-placed low-calorie beer bottle is so visible it actually fills up the whole shot at one point). They can't get at the money, but they can make Charles paranoid enough to turn to Michael for help, and give him access to the money. "Do you guys have, like, a manual where you get this stuff?" Emily asks doubtfully. No, Emily, you cannot have my job.

Sam bursts in on a private pool party of Charles's claiming he's being followed by a blue Hyundai. That rings a bell with Charles, but he says the blue Hyundai that followed him just turned out to be a couple "snogging." In broad daylight, but whatever. Sam loses focus for a minute as he takes that in, but Charles isn't convinced, so Sam has to disengage for now.

He calls Fi to ask how things are going with an obvious bug, and Jesse has just arrived at her place with Madeline's old stereo. And presumably the Barry White 8-tracks that go with it. Sam wants to talk about Jesse for a bit, but Fi hangs up on him so they can get to work cannibalizing the hi-fi to build a bug that not only looks like a bug but also emits a high-pitched squeal when it's next to something electronic. They manage the task, but are so awkward and uncomfortable with each other that it's a near thing. Much like their hands.

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Burn Notice




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