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Back at the boathouse with Michael, Jesse acts guilty when Michael asks how things went with Fi. So now at least they're lying to each other, which evens things out a bit. Fortunately a call comes in on their captive's phone, and it's a guy looking for "Colonel Russell." Michael is suitably impressed that their errand boy is a colonel, and says they're sending him back with some photocopied pages from the Bible. Which Jesse threatens to burn if they send another thief over. I guess sometimes spies have to get sacrilegious. Michael cuts the colonel loose and they send him on his way with the photocopies. Jesse wants to invite Sam out for a drink to celebrate, "but he's probably lost his taste for alcohol."

Cut to Sam enjoying a beer poolside, when he gets a call from Charles, who has already shredded his new Bentley finding the bug. Sam plays along to amplify Charles's paranoia, and says he knows a guy. Charles agrees to meet them. Before we know it, he's sitting at a table with Sam and Michael, who's playing a sleazy cop who's willing to help -- he just needs their account info. Charles balks, and Michael takes his sweet time walking away to give Charles a chance to change his mind. Charles calls up his moneyman Martin, who gives him some news that causes Charles to pull Sam aside. Where he informs Sam that it's all under control; one of his marks who hired a private investigator is about to be taken care of, and Charles is off to Rio. And while that's happening, Michael gets a call from Fi, reporting that Emily is in her closet, besieged by a hit squad. So that's a new errand.

Fi rushes to Emily's house, and Michael VOs that it's best not to charge into a house full of armed men, but rather to set up an ambush and make them come to you. She baits the trap by hotwiring the garage door, knowing they'll come to investigate when they hear it open. And thanks to some sweet timing, when she blows the garage entry door, it bounces off one of the thugs and flattens him. Fi comes in and discharges her shotgun into the other thug's belly, but it's just a beanbag round, which is why he's still alive to hear her tell him she shot him with a beanbag round. Not like her to be such a softie.

Now that Fi's handled that so well, and taken another big step towards rehabilitation in my perspective, Michael shows up to explain the sitch to Emily, who's pretty pissed that Charles is about to leave the country with her money. But they've got a plan, and it involves Sam casting Charles into The Hangover II: Hangover and Over Again and something to do with Emily's boat.

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Burn Notice




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