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Back at the loft's courtyard, Michael's on the phone with Carla while Jimmy sits and frets over the photo. "I thought you could use a little reminder of what's at stake," Carla says. "We head in tonight. That soon enough?" Michael responds, which is fine with Carla. Michael has a request of his own: he wants the guns that were used to kill the guys at the airstrip, although he won't say what they're for. Carla goes along with it, which is surprisingly trusting of her, and when he tells her to deliver Jimmy's family according to his terms, she smarms, "Of course, Michael. We want this to be a good experience for everyone." Without another word, Michael hangs up his phone and slaps a big "Cook Brothers Construction" decal on the side of the crappy old van he's picked up somewhere. I sense undercover work in the offing. But he should really consider using a decal that doesn't have a 555 phone number on it, because I'd notice that right away.

At the DNA company, Fi is getting her flirt on with the guy at the front desk while spinning a story that the building's structural engineers missed a defect and there's going to be a little construction needed. Like, tonight. The smitten dude is only too happy to sign all the paperwork, and call building security to give clearance to her "company's" "team." Well, that looked easy. In both senses of the word.

Late that night, the same guy lets Michael and Jimmy (undercover as fake construction workers) into the DNA company's office suite as Michael acts all cool-guy about "some B.S. about the chemicals we use. You can come back, but it's gotta be on your insurance." That's all the guy needs to hear to convince him to steer clear.

Inside the room where Michael and Jimmy are staging their entry from above, they do prep work for cutting the floor while Michael VOs about standard floor structure and how you have to look out for wiring. With Jimmy's assistance, Michael drills a hole in the floor and drives in an anchor bolt with a cable to keep the slab from falling through, and then busts out his concrete saw. The two of them then crank the slab up out of the hole, and drop down into Security Associates' server room, just like that. But what about the motion detectors? Well, Michael led them into a hole in the coverage behind an interior wall. And to thwart the motion and heat sensors while they cross the room to where they need to be, all they need to do is hide behind a double layer of wool and thermal blankets and move very slowly. Good thing nobody ever uses motion detectors and heat detectors and floor pressure sensors and sound detectors and...I don't know. Closed circuit video? Would that be too paranoid?

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Burn Notice




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