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After a quick shot of Fi sneaking past a cut lock and some lethargic-looking "guard-dogs" in cages in the back, we're back inside the shop, with Nate showing Michael photos of the three stolen cars, including the dark-red-and-black 1969 GTO that had the drugs hidden in it. Fi walks in with evidence that a high-tech crew hit the shop, and Michael mentions the name Tony Soto. Who Nate's heard of as one of the big local car theft bosses, and so have we, in a previous episode. Which means a return to an old cover ID. While Michael VOs about that, he and Nate dress up in the matching black suits, slicked-back hair, sunglasses, and pinky rings from "Hot Spot." Madeline sees them like that and gets suspicious, ordering Michael to keep Nate out of trouble. "Mom, he's a grown man," Michael reminds her, but agrees to look out for Nate. Madeline lets them go, but only after taking a picture of them all dressed up.

Nate drives Michael in the Charger up to the hotel bar where Tony Soto hangs out. "Keep the car runnin', I won't be long," Michael says to Nate, already in character as Johnny the Car Thief. He walks into the bar and sits right down across from Tony Soto, as the guy Tony remembers as "smooth-talking Johnny." Michael tells Tony about the heist, and gives him a photo of the GTO he says he wanted for himself. Tony hands it off to a minion, and the two of them make a little small talk while the guy checks. In a moment, he returns, and Tony tells Michael that he's looking for a guy named "Buckwild." Really? A car thief who shares a nickname with a former contestant on Flavor of Love? "He's not on my good side," Tony adds. "That's the address to his chop shop." Michael reaches for the slip of paper, but Tony also wants Michael to take out the chop shop while he's at it. "A deal's a deal," Michael says, probably even happier to agree as himself than he is as Johnny.

He's still in character when he rejoins a very nervous Nate outside: Nate reports that Billy called, and Rivera's already on his way over to the shop. So I guess the good news is that this case should be wrapping up early.

Over at the shop, Billy and Jeff are getting braced by the goons of "Hector Rivera -- Car Enthusiast/Drug Kingpin," who actually looks more like a high school chemistry teacher, but whatever. The head goon, Caleb, is played by Marcus Chong from The Matrix, who we haven't seen in a while. Looks like he's got his act back together. While Billy is telling the bad guys that their car was stolen, Michael and Nate do a slo-mo walk to the entrance. They present themselves as car finders, and say they already have the name of the thief, in the face of Caleb turning his threats on them. "I'm going to find it and... ask for it back, as soon as your dog stops barking at me," Michael says. Rivera calls off his men and gives Michael 24 hours, but Caleb's coming along. 'The cheerleader can come, bring your pom-poms," Michael says to "Caleb -- Michael's Cheerleader." Rivera will be holding Jeff hostage, but Billy offers to go in his place, and Rivera's got a soft enough touch to go along. "The clock is ticking," he warns.

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