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Baby Brother Blues

Michael and Nate report back to Jeff, who wants to tattle on Caleb to Rivera. Michael warns that Rivera won't believe Jeff over Caleb. Nate says they need to find proof, and failing that, Michael says, "We go in hard and we get Billy." That's worst-case, though -- not only because it means the brothers will be on the run, but also because Michael hates to work that sloppy.

Fi's out running, not at all conspicuous in her tiny jog bra as she stops to tie her shoe in front of the wrought-iron security gate outside Caleb's house. Of course she's doing recon so Fi and Nate can search Caleb's place while Michael answers a summons from Rivera to a meeting. Looks like Caleb and his minions are also heading out, with Billy. Michael heads out while his teammates head in.

Over at Rivera's place, Caleb reports to Michael that a source of his claims to have found the GTO. "This is my happy face," Michael deadpans. Caleb and Rivera invite him along to pick it up, and Michael says he'll call off his people. He reaches Fi while she and Nate are inside Caleb's house and gives them the good news that the car's been found. Even though Michael doesn't embed a coded message in there somehow, Nate's not fooled, figuring it's a setup by Caleb to make it look like Jeff and Billy are the real thieves. The problem is that Caleb keeps his computer files locked, and his documents are shredded. But fortunately there's some kind of cache in the printer that allows Fi to print a rental agreement for a storage unit in Billy's name -- five minutes closer to Rivera's place than here. 'They don't know it's a race," Nate points out.

It soon becomes one, with Nate's borrowed El Camino in splitscreen up against Rivera's convoy. Nate and Fi get there first, and spot the car through a convenient window. Thinking there's no time to pick the lock, Fi figures they need to set up an ambush. But Nate insists he can hotwire it if Fi can get him in there, even with the installed killswitch that Michael warns us about in VO. Sure enough, the GTO is gone before Rivera and the gang show up. Billy wonders what they're doing at his storage unit, and when Caleb opens the door on an empty garage, Rivera bitch-slaps his minion for wasting his time. Michael reminds them he still has eight hours to get the car back, and Rivera agrees, threatening to kill both the brothers and Michael if he doesn't have his car back by the deadline. That would be scarier if Nate weren't driving around in it right now.

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Burn Notice




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