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Cole-Hearted Killer
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This episode begins with a montage of portentous hurricane imagery instead of beaches and bikinis, but before we can dwell on that, we see Michael at the Carlito (inside, for once) handling Simon's code Bible with random words blacked out with Sam and Fi. He VOs about Bibles making good code books; you just need the key to decode it. Which of course they don't have. Michael draws Fi's attention to the inscription in the front with Simon's name. Which tells them that the shadowy international conspiracy that was after it wants Simon's secrets -- which probably involve Michael. Because it's all about him. So against Sam and Fi's advice, Michael wants to have a meeting with Simon to find out what he knows. They both mock him for wanting to see this through, but Michael plays his trump: "If I walk away, Jesse got burned for nothing." Off he goes to meet Vaughn -- his "new" handler, whom we haven't seen for so long he's probably dusty -- leaving the Bible with them for safekeeping. Oh, and by the way? There' a hurricane coming.

At home that night, Michael looks weird in shorts, letting "Vaughn -- 'trusted' teammate" into his loft and out of the rain. Michael tells Vaughn about the Bible he found, and asks how soon he can talk to Simon about it. Vaughn asks for the Bible instead so he can take a crack at Simon himself. Michael's offended, and soon he's yelling, and he asks again, complete with a threat. "This is me saying no," Vaughn says, so Michael kicks him out. And in such weather, too. Not very hospitable. "A bigger storm's coming, Michael, and I'm going to remember this," Vaughn threatens him right back. Not if this storm kills him.

The next morning, the storm is over -- which is a total rip-off -- but parts of Miami look like they've been turned upside down. Michael shows up at Madeline's house to assess the damage, and is a little irritated to find that she rode it out with Jesse instead of evacuating with the rest of the neighborhood like she was supposed to. After she goes inside, Jesse asks what Michael's learned about Simon, and is wanting to put word out that they have his Bible to see who comes looking for it. Michael puts him off, and is fortunately rescued by Madeline coming back and telling Michael that a couple of FBI agents are there, claiming to be Michael's friends.

"Hi, friends," Michael greets "Lane and Harris -- Not Michael's Friends" in Madeline's kitchen. You remember those guys from Season One who show up every once in a while? The Latino one and the one who wears too much hair spray? They're looking a little worse for wear, and Lane's even got a bloody bandage on one arm. They want a favor: they were protecting a witness named James Bailey against a Turkish gang when they got ambushed right before the storm. Which meant they traded their valuable witness for a perforated arm. Michael wonders how Lane escaped with only a scratch, but they're more worried about their witness vanishing. They'd look for him themselves, but they have to get back to HQ and their jobs are on the line. I still don't believe they'd come to Michael, but let's keep moving. They suggest tracking a pickup Bailey stole, but Michael would rather track the rare modified gun used in the ambush. "And you will owe me," he informs them. Like they don't already.

Michael goes over to Fi's and asks her if she knows anything about the gun. She directs him to an arms dealer she knows named Pano. "This better not be a favor for Vaughn," she warns. He hastily says it's a favor for the FBI, which she doesn't seem all that much happier about.

Down at the docks, Sam and Michael impersonate cops to bust into Pano's shop, where he and another guy apparently work on classic cars as well as customized assault weaponry. They start asking about he gun, but have to shoot up some a car or two before Pano gives up the name Cole and gives them the location of a dead drop. And then they lock them in a trunk with a bag of chicken, because they're thoughtful like that.

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Burn Notice




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