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Fi answers her front door, and outside is not Michael but Vaughn -- acting all friendly, with a take-out lunch and an invitation to talk -- about Jesse. Ooh, diabolical.

Sam has traced their shooter to a slightly storm-damaged apartment complex, but according to the landlady, the guy they're looking for evacuated before the storm. Michael goes in to check it out while Sam stands guard outside, noting that since the storm has played havoc with the cell phone towers, he'll just toot the horn to sound the alarm. Inside the apartment, Michael VOs about how cheap furnished apartments can be handy for traveling criminals, but if you want security you have to make your own. Which in this case is a bomb booby-trap in the bedroom, with a tripwire attached to the door and a directional charge.

After opening the door just a crack, Michael carefully takes hold of the tripwire and starts slowly working toward the claymore. He's still in this delicate position when Jon Seda as "Cole -- Professional Killer" steps out of the closet. "This is awkward," Michael understates. Cole asks for Michael's gun, and Michael carefully tosses it over without letting the line go slack, because that would blow him up and all. "So you're Matt Reese, huh?" Cole figures the Turks brought in another hitman and he's being Grosse Pointe Blanked on this deal, and Michael's only too happy to step into the ready-made cover: "Turks love me, ladies love me, Matt Reese," he recites. Cole gives Michael props for not already being dead, but when he raises Michael's own gun to shoot him with it, Michael -- who has been making use of this bantering time to glance around the room at the maps with cell phone overage areas circled -- raises a hand and says Cole will need his help to find Bailey, because the cell phone towers aren't going to cut it in time. Michael says he knows what Bailey's driving, but almost loses him by claiming to have a source in the FBI. Cole's about to shoot Michael until he displays his knowledge of the earlier ambush. "Damn, son, you're for real," Cole says. "I am Matt Reese," Michael shrugs modestly. Cole agrees to a conditional partnership, but reminds Michael, "I'm the one with the gun."

Needless to say, Sam is a little surprised to see two guys coming out of the apartment. Imagine how he'd feel if he knew the bad guy stole one of his best lines ever. Michael signals to Sam to stay by a radio by subtly waggling a car antenna. Cole tells Michael to drive -- with has hand tied to the steering wheel. That's going to make parallel parking tricky.

Fi watches Vaughn eat, and resists his charms. She says he's just like the rest of the people who burned Michael, and I'm sure it's just coincidence that she sits down across from him, holding a gun that's sort of but not really pointed at him but totally is. Vaughn gets to his point: he'll trade the Bible for Jesse's job and life back. Fi doesn't want to betray Michael, but Vaughn says she'd be doing him a favor by keeping him away from Simon. Vaughn leaves Fi sitting there looking tempted.

En route to the area where Cole thinks Bailey is hiding out with his girlfriend, Michael plants the idea in his head that they need an emergency vehicle to get past the evacuation zones. But it's really because Michael wants access to a two-way radio. Cole agrees to Michael's plan to bust into a public vehicle storage facility a couple of miles north. It's called inception.

Sam's at the loft trying to raise Michael on his own two-way radio when Lane and Harris -- now suspended -- show up looking for an update. Sam tells them what he knows, which isn't much, and they tell him that Bailey ditched the truck he stole, so that's a dead end. Fortunately the radio crackles with Michael's voice calling to Charles Finley. He and Cole apparently reached the city lot, and he's stealing a few seconds with a radio in a fire department car to give an update. Harris says Matt Reese is bad news, and Lane says they know nothing about the girlfriend Cole thinks Bailey is hanging out with. Michael's not happy to hear that the truck turned up abandoned, and tells them to find out about Bailey's girlfriend before they get to the neighborhood Cole's after. Cole shows up a half-second later to hurry Michael with hot-wiring the vehicle. Michael complains about how it takes longer with one hand tied to the wheel. And, to be fair, also when you're wasting time calling your friends (and your "not friends") for help.

Sam gets Madeline on the radio and asks for Jesse, who's supposed to pick up Fi and head over to Bailey's house. Meanwhile, at the lot, Cole has finished clearing some debris so they can drive the stolen vehicle out of there, but he accidentally tips over a transformer pole. While it's coming down, Michael shouts a warning for him to get out of the puddle of water he's been standing in, and Cole quickly hops up into the hood of a parked car, just in time to avoid being electrocuted. So he's safe, but he's stranded and the live cable is electrifying the water that surrounds the car on all sides. Michael comes over all heroic, so to break his restraints, Michael crashes the Fire Chief's car he's in, which sets off the airbag so he can pull the steering wheel loose from the column. With the wheel and flaccid airbag still dangling dashingly from his hand, Michael grabs a handy fiberglass ladder to bring to Cole's rescue -- but not before demanding his gun back. Cole just drops both gun and clip in the water, so now neither of them is armed. As Michael VOs about the value of making a good faith gesture to your enemy -- but not without a price -- Cole walks down the ladder to safety, and Michael cold-cocks him with the steering wheel. But then Cole comes up with a backup gun. It might be time for Michael to stop underestimating Cole.

Jesse and Fi break into Bailey's place, which is apparently not staked out by either the Turks, any law enforcement, or hitmen. Which is good, because for some reason they brought Madeline along. The goal: find clues on Bailey's girlfriend.

Cole forces Michael into a fresh vehicle to hotwire. While doing that, Michael spots Cole's USMC tattoo, which leads into his backstory -- Cole was apparently in a bomb disposal unit in Iraq but got a dishonorable discharge because his squad mates were shipping drugs. Now Cole just wants to earn enough to quit, buy a boat, and sail to some island where nobody ever saw The Hurt Locker. Michael tries to get into Cole's head about that a bit, but any therapeutic breakthroughs will have to wait for later.

At Bailey's place, Madeline's found a clue -- a sonogram, indicating that Bailey's girlfriend is pregnant -- and a photo of him and his girlfriend in front of a white house with a weathervane, a gray roof, and a blue door. No house number is visible, but Fi hopes a description will cut it. Madeline is understandably skeptical.

While driving Cole to Miami Beach, Michael convinces him to let him check the CB network to see if the causeway is closed. Michael puts out an offer of a free mojito to anyone who can tell him. Jesse comes on the CB as "Mr. Vane," and Sam joins the conversation so Jesse can give some subtle clues about what the house looks like. But those clues are not so subtle that Madeleine can't interpret that Jesse was describing a white house with a weather vane and a gray roof. Of course, she's seen the photo, so she has an advantage. She's also old enough to remember when CB radio was the Twitter of the 70s.

Cole makes Michael stop and demands to know what Bailey's driving before they go any further. Michael admits that he doesn't know, but he knows what the house looks like. Cole's ready to shoot him again, but Michael spills: "Baileys' girlfriend lives in a white house with a gray roof and a weather vane." So what reason does Cole have to keep him alive? He says they can check it out right now; he tells Michael to drive the truck up to the roof to look for the house.

Up top, Michael scans the neighborhood with the binoculars, and soon finds the right house, even with the weather van knocked askew by the storm. Lucky for him it's one of the four houses in the neighborhood that aren't obscured by trees from this vantage point. Just then, they find themselves under fire from several shooters. As they dive for cover behind their stolen vehicle, Michael's pretty slow to figure out who's shooting at them, but Cole's way ahead of him. After taking a moment to wonder who Michael really is, he hollers up, "Hey, Reese! We can make a deal, man!" The crew's leader hollers back down, "Sorry, rook! I got my team!" Yes, it's "Reese -- Hired Gun with a Team," according to the subtitles. "I know who you're not," Cole says, turning to Michael, who has finally caught his snap and dived over the fence to the next level down. Michael VOs that parking garages are designed with tight corners to prevent fast driving, which is why you're better off on foot than in a heavy vehicle if you find yourself in a chase. Sure enough, he runs to freedom while Cole crashes into a parked car. I suggest Cole blame that on the hurricane.

So Michael spends the ads running straight to the girlfriend's house, bursting in, yelling at Bailey to get into the kitchen, all while punching him in the face and taking his shotgun away to makes sure he and his girlfriend know he's on their side. Michael turns the fridge into a barricade as "James and Joanne -- In Need of a Friend" crouch behind the counters. They ask who he is and Michael says, I'm "I'm Michael Westen. I'm here to save you people." Cole bursts in shooting, asking who the hell he is. "I'm Michael Westen, I'm here to save these people!" Michael hollers back impatiently. Michael tells Cole to walk away, and says he knows Cole isn't a killer. You know, from their earlier conversation, and the fact that he didn't kill Lane or Harris, and the fact that his booby trap was in a back room. Cole makes excuses, and Michael says it doesn't have to be this way. Just then Reese and his crew roll up outside and give Cole two minutes to come out. Instead, Cole barricades the front door, so now they're all in this together, as Michael says. He even surrenders Bailey's weapon and convinces Cole to join him. "James, where are your cleaning supplies?" Wha

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