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Michael sits on a park bench reading the dossier on Carla that Waseem got him, out in public, as you do. Although I guess he can't exactly leave it in his loft, because we've known ever since the pilot that Carla's people (whom I'm just going to go ahead and start calling "They" or "Them" -- life's too short, you know) can enter his home any time they want, and it probably wouldn't do for them to find Carla's file under Michael's mattress. They might get the wrong idea. He tells us in VO about the experience of reading redacted files, until Fi arrives and sits down next to him so he can complain about all the blacked-out text out loud. He was in such a better mood about this file last week. The one fact that Michael has been able to glean -- and that he's willing to share with us and Fi -- is that Carla was undercover as an "irrigation consultant" when she was in Kurdistan. Fi makes a lame joke about getting Carla to water her ferns. Yeah, she thinks she's kidding but one day she'll notice that the fichus has perked up and she'll know something's fishy. Michael VOs that jobs in agriculture are handy cover, since you can use them to explain your presence almost everywhere, as long as you don't mind actually learning something. Fi closes the file and suggests Michael take a break. After all, he's missing something, namely someone who's been following him. Fi puts on her giant insectoid sunglasses so Michael can see the reflection of the Lincoln Town Car not far up the street. The close, intent gaze he appears to be directing into her eyes is just about the most heat these two have generated all season, if not the whole series. "It's going to be a very interesting conversation if they catch you with that file," Fi says. "Can I watch?" Michael spots an empty rickshaw across the street and has a better idea: "You drive," he says, shoving the folder into Fi's hands and making for the Charger, which is parked nearby.

As Fi pulls out and the Lincoln follows, Michael VOs that watching the people who are following you will tell you a lot about them. As soon as the Charger's around the corner, Michael hops out of the moving vehicle, smooth as goose shit, and ducks into some bushes. When the Town Car rolls into view, Michael shoves the rickshaw into the street, and the car plows into it. Michael explains, "that's a sign you're dealing with an amateur, somebody who doesn't know what he's doing." Sure enough, when Michael runs to the car, the driver hops out going, "Easy, bro! It's a rental, man!" The "bro" is not just an expression in this case; as the subtitles inform those of you who missed the first season, Michael's tail is none other than "NATE -- THE BROTHER." "That's when you've really got a problem," Michael VOs. Do you ever.

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Burn Notice




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