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When Michael and Ivan arrive at the safe house, Michael's acting all paranoid while Ivan assures him everything's fine. The guard at the front door wants to know where Ivan has been and who the guy with him is. "This is Sergei, he's all right," Ivan says urgently, in a rush to get the girls moved before the cops arrive. He leads Michael to a TV room with a dozen or more women stashed inside and orders them all to the van waiting outside. Once they're all loaded in the back, Michael and Ivan discuss their next move: Michael will take the girls to a place that only he knows about, taking along Ivan's guys for security. Ivan, meanwhile, will report back to Takarov to warn him. "Who knows, we might even come out heroes," Michael says. Ivan likes the sound of that, and he gratefully drives off after saying he won't forget this. "I'm sure you won't, Ivan," Michael allows himself as Ivan embraces him. Once Ivan is gone, one of his guys asks in Russian where they're going. "Change of plans," Michael announces, and whirls to take out the two gunmen closest to him. Before the other three can fire, Sam and Fi appear, cocking weapons of their own. Cut that close, didn't they? Michael would have been embarrassed if he'd tried to pull that when Sam and Fi were still on the turnpike. Michael opens the back of the van and tells the women inside in Russian, "It's okay. You're safe now." Somehow, in Russian, even that sounds kind of menacing.

Cut to Takarov with his lieutenants at Romanov's, as Michael VOs about the awesome move he just pulled. "The greatest achievement is to get a guy to turn on his own people because he thinks he's being loyal." With that, Ivan rushes into Romanov's, breathlessly warning Takarov to get out now. "They busted the operation in Tampa. They're coming here next. They had me and Sergei but we escaped." Takarov of course knows nothing about any Tampa operation, or any Sergei, or any bust of any kind, and is not pleased when he learns that "Sergei" has the girls, and that Ivan has talked to the CIA. This is not going the way Ivan expected, especially when Takarov pulls a wickedly curved knife and orders Ivan taken upstairs. These last few hours have been kind of an emotional roller coaster for Ivan, haven't they? From despair to hope to freedom to excitement to ow that was my spleen.

The debriefing takes place at -- where else? A sidewalk café. Sitting with Nate, Katya, and Elena, Michael denouements that Takarov has skipped town and headed north, having left Ivan's body in a Fort Lauderdale Dumpster. "Dumpster is too god for him," Katya Russians, and Elena translates that to a thank you. Nate gives a dramatic grunt, and points out that Michael cracked three of his ribs. Michael's still rolling his eyes about Nate's whining when Katya apologizes to him for getting mad. "Nate said you know what to do," she admits. "Always you were right." "This Nate?" Michael asks. "Nate said that?" Nate churlishly backs away from the remark, but Michael is the bigger person here: "Thank Nate, Katya. I couldn't have done it without him. And I'm not always right." Katya plants a kiss on Nate's cheek, improving his mood considerably. Michael gets up and leaves, while Nate is still too moved by the tender moment to realize that his brother just stuck him with the check.

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