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It apparently takes them the whole rest of the day to get to Michael's loft from there, because it's dark as they arrive. Nate claims he was following Michael to make sure he wasn't being followed by someone else (like, you know, Them. See? This is working out better already), and gets in a little dig about how he never heard from Michael after Nate got to Fort Lauderdale in last season's finale. "It was just a little unclear at the time if I should... call you," Michael says, not even bothering to come up with an excuse. Nate gets to the point of his visit: a co-worker of his has a sister who's being held by the Russian mafia. Michael is shocked at the news, as are we all: Nate got a job? "What's the angle?" Michael asks his brother. Nate's offended at the question. "You blew up my truck, you got me shot at, you had me hide Mom," he says. "That's the kind of thing that gets a guy to step back and make a few changes." Agreed. For me, the first change would be to start staying the hell away from Michael. Nate adds that he's still paying off the truck, and Michael agrees to talk to her.

Michael and Nate meet Katya, the hot blonde Russian co-worker, at Madeline's house. After sticking around long enough to try to push tea on everyone, Madeline gets hustled out so Katya can tell her story. It's pretty simple, really. In Russian-accented English, Katya explains that she's been trying to bring her sister Elena to the U.S. for years, but then Elena found a way herself. Problem is that Elena's passage was through a gangster named Ivan, who is now holding Elena for $75,000 ransom. Michael asks if Ivan was the one who gave Katya the bruise under her eye. Katya says yeah, when she went after him with a crowbar. She claims that he's lucky his guys pulled her off him. Nate explains that Katya asked for his help getting a gun, but he thought it would be better to get her a Michael. Yeah, Ivan would have been better off getting shot, as we'll see (spoiler!) "[Nate] says you do these things every day," Katya appeals to Michael. "I don't do them, every day," Michael hair-splits, "but I'll see what I can do." The subtitles take their cue: "KATYA -- THE CLIENT." They know what "I'll see what I can do" means as well as anyone.

Next day, at an open-air bar, Michael briefs Sam on the situation as they sit down to drinks: "Fi's doing the surveillance," Michael says. "Hopefully we'll track the guy back to where the girls are before Katya gets her hands on a blowtorch." On to the next topic, which is Sam's progress with Carla's file. He's been in touch with a guy named Harvey Gunderson, whom Sam identifies as "the Secretary/Treasurer of the Agricultural Association of South Florida, among other things." Sam has a dossier on Harvey, who according to the photos is being played by the very funny Larry Miller, from every Christopher Guest movie ever made. Sam figures that Harvey might know Carla if she's using the same cover; he just figures that it'll take some face-to-face finessing (i.e., dinner and drinks) to get the goods. Michael says he'll cover the costs, and Sam promises to try and keep it reasonable. Famous last words.

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