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In Madeline's garage, Michael and Nate are trying to keep an agitated Katya from completely going off. She's brandishing tools and everything. "What do you want, Katya?" Michael asks. "You want to hit Ivan with a wrench or you want your sister back? 'Cause it's got to be one or the other." Katya asks why they don't move on Ivan's boss at the restaurant (which Nate apparently told her about), and Michael says they need to stick to the plan. Katya's already out the door, and Michael bitches at Nate, "It's called need to know for a reason." Why'd you tell Nate then, genius? "I'll take care of it," Nate promises, and follows Katya.

Inside the house, Nate catches up to Katya and says of Michael, "I can't stand that guy sometimes, but he's good at what he does. If he says this is the right thing to do, then this is the right thing to do." Katya seems to be talked out of her tree, for the moment. After she returns to the garage, Madeline appears out of nowhere, having overheard. She's touched by what Nate said about his brother. "Not that he'd do the same for me," Nate says, sulking off. Madeline doesn't even bother trying to dispute it. In fact, I'm surprised she doesn't emphasize the point.

Sam's got Ivan back in the interrogation room. As he unwraps a stick of Big Red (not product-placed; you never see the label), Michael VOs that "a good interrogator paints a picture of the world outside for a detainee. Whatever he's holding onto, you take it away." Sam offers Ivan the gum, then takes it himself when Ivan wordlessly declines. "Mm, cinammony," Sam says, leaving even more product-placement cash on the table untouched. Then he gets to his point, which is that Ivan is running out of time to give up any information. "We're moving on Romanov's next week," he says. "Try the borscht," Ivan hard-asses. After Ivan spits on the floor to demonstrate how uncooperative he's not, Sam deadpans, "I can see you're on the fence. I'll give you some time to consider your options. You can wear the thinking-bag." That would be the black cloth bag, which Sam puts over Ivan's head. It looks freshly laundered, at least. Before leaving, Sam turns on a boom box to maximum volume with some crazy-fast electronica, adding, "AND HERE'S SOME THINKING MUSIC!" Oh, that's just mean.

Outside, Sam meets up with Michael and Nate, telling them that after a few hours of battering Ivan's skull with that shit, they'll stick him back in the cell so he'll be nice and happy to see his old friend Michael. But for now, Sam's off to another meeting with Harvey. "The Best of Bulgarian Disco?" Nate reads incredulously from one of Sam's CD cases. Sam's says he's saving that for bedtime. Michael's like, can I sleep in the spare cargo container, then?

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Burn Notice




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