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Asking Nicely

As Sam sits at another expensively laid lunch table with Harvey, Michael VOs that while some sources will give up all they know in exchange for some "kind words and free drinks," others aren't so obliging. And when that happens, "A good operative has to apply pressure. And that means knowing just what a source loves." After bringing up the list of names he wants and getting put off again, Sam asks Harvey, "Do you like being secretary/treasurer of the Agricultural Association of South Florida?" "Nah, I'm trying to get back to teaching high school," Harvey deadpans. Then he cackles about how much he loves the gig, and wonders why Sam asks. Sam angrily accuses Harvey of jerking him around, and as he says that he's actually trying to find out about opium poppies, he digs out a fake badge and says, "I'm with the DEA!" He sort of waves the badge around so Harvey can't get a good look at it, but Harvey's too busy choking to look closely anyway. Sam dispenses a series of threats and even gets up to leave, but Harvey, in a panic, promises to have the list tomorrow. Sam's mood improves at once. "Liquid gold," he agrees, sipping his wine. Harvey's appetite is spoiled. Try some Big Red, Harvey. Cinamonny.

Back in the cargo container, Michael is again playing the part of the suspicious accomplice, but Ivan maintains that he's said nothing. "If they know where the girls are..." Michael begins. Ivan assures Michael that he's the only one who knows where the safe house is. And furthermore, "My men have orders. If anyone but me comes to the safe house, they kill the girls and leave. If they don't hear from me by Friday, same thing. Takarov has nothing to worry about from me." Looking defeated in more ways than one, Michael apologizes in subtitled Russian. "I should not have doubted you," he says sadly. Just in case you're not getting it, Ivan underscores the bottom line: there's nothing anyone can do before the girls are dead.

Back at Madeline's house, Michael has apparently spent the commercial break explaining the situation to Nate, and Nate isn't too happy to hear it. "Ivan's got to be at the safe house by tomorrow, or Elena's dead," he bitches, like this is Michael's fault. "And he can't be there, because we've got him in a box in a concrete plant." Okay, that's Michael's fault. Still, Nate's like a walking previouslies sometimes, isn't he? Fortunately, Michael's got a plan: Ivan's going to have to escape. Michael figures it's the only way Ivan will go to the safe house, because he'll be too suspicious if they just let him go. Nate argues, Michael slaps him down, and scene.

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Burn Notice




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