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Cop Killer Cop

Michael makes Pete drive to some building and gets ready to shoot him next to a dumpsters. "I think the circle of trust is broken, Pete," Michael says. Pete blubbers and offers to hand over the coke to Michael for free. Michael pretends not to go for it, even though he acts like it would have been nice to have a cop source. Pete somehow gets the idea that Michael wants him to get, which is to plant the drugs at Kevin's place and call in a tip. "Then I'm clean, and I'm yours." Michael acts like he likes the idea, and also that he likes Pete. Don't oversell it too much, Michael.

Sam, meanwhile, is trying to get a Lieutenant Briggs to come with him to Kevin's house, which Briggs doesn't agree to until Sam takes Briggs's gun away and points it at him. Michaels' VO is oddly silent about what a dumb idea that is, especially in the parking lot at the police station.

Apparently it's nighttime when Michael and Pete get to Kevin's house. Pete's getting cold feet, but Michael gives him two options: "Drug planter or organ donor." Finally Pete gets out of the car with a duffel bag. He enters Kevin's' house and starts sticking the baggies into an air duct, which is when he gets nabbed by Lt. Briggs, who's there with Sam and some uniforms. Sam brings Pete up to speed: Kevin's dead, Ted's not, and Pete's confused. "Sort it out in prison, you son of a bitch!" Sam finally says, and decks Pete. He offers to let Briggs handcuff him, but Briggs will take a rain check on that.

At Kevin's funeral, after Sam talks to Claire, Briggs comes up to shake his hand, and Michael offers to buy him a drink. "I could sure use it," Sam says. I bet -- after not drinking this whole case, he must be pretty thirsty.

Michael walks into Madeline's kitchen, which is place that's a hell of a lot more dangerous for him right now than that exploding boat. Michael apologizes -- not for wanting to go back, but because she didn't find out from him. He promises to let her know this time before he leaves -- if he leaves, and they drink to it. Jesse comes in, telling Madeline his "file cabinet's" fixed and telling Michael that Marv's ready for the handoff, complete with a team from Homeland Security. "Good luck, boys," Madeline sings out after them.

Michael and Jesse meet Marv and three men in black at the top of a parking ramp and hand the flash drive to Marv. Jesse advises Marv to have them fly with him. "It's all taken care of," Marv says shiftily, but declines to say where he's taking it. Michael senses something amiss, and the fact that the "agents" have guns with silencers on them confirms it. "Marv? Who are these guys?" he calls out. Marv says he's sorry, and that they threatened him, and then one of the "agents" shoots Marv twice in the back. Oh, man, you don't do that to Richard Kind. As Marv falls dead to the pavement, they climb into their SUV, and shoot out the tires on Michael and Jesse's rental car on their way past. I wonder why they're leaving Michael and Jesse alive, until Michael gets a gander at the dude smirking out at him from the back of the bad guys' SUV: "Tyler Brennen -- Part-Time Spy/Full-Time Sociopath." Whoa, I did not see that coming. "Brennen," Michael mutters. Jesse asks who that is. "Our worst nightmare," Michael says. To be continued. Remember when Detective Paxson was Michael's worst nightmare? Yeah, me either.

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Burn Notice




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