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Still trapped in Michael's death grip, Simon taunts Michael for even thinking about listening to Management, and tells him to end it. By now, Michael is surrounded by armed Miami-Dade PD, shouting threats, so even if Michael still wanted to kill Simon, Management delayed him long enough so that window is now closed. So Michael drops the gun and releases Simon. "He owns you now, boy," Simon sneers. "It's just a matter of time before you're just like me." They both roll over face-down on the curb to wait for the handcuffs while Simon repeats, "Just like me." Well, that'll be a fun show.

Madeline sits in a bare interrogation room as Agent Callahan enters wearily. "I've been sitting here for hours," she complains to let us know that some time has passed. With no windows, we can't even see if it's dark outside. Callahan tells her he's not charging her with anything; in fact, he's off the case. "Where's my son?" Madeline asks. "Honestly, I have no idea," Callahan shrugs. "We had him in custody for about 20 minutes and then he was taken away." Madeline is pretty stunned at this news, not to mention at the way Callahan buried the lede. "And God only knows what hole he's in now," Callahan adds, which really can't serve any purpose other than to make Madeline feel bad.

Michael, wearing a black headbag that's at least protecting his hairdo from the pouring rain, is led through a veritable rats' maze of chain-link security gates with buzzing locks. So now we know what kind of hole he's in now. We are God!

Madeline asks Callahan if Michael just disappeared. Callahan says he might have been able to help before, "But once someone is removed from our custody, there is nothing I can do. And that is your choice." Which sounds like a lot of talk; if Madeline had turned Michael in, I'm sure he just would have been spirited away earlier in the day. Madeline rages at Callahan, smacking him across the face pretty hard a couple of times. "You hit me all you want," he says, holding her arms so she can't hit him at all. "It won't change a thing. He? Is gone."

Now the focus is on Michael's handcuffs and leg irons as he's led, still blinded but now wearing black prison scrubs, up stairs and down a hallway, surrounded by huge men with guns that are almost as huge as they are. It's meant to be scary and depressing, and it is; in a few years, this is how all of us will have to board airplanes.

Callahan opens the door and tells Madeline she can go. Nice of him not to charge her with obstructing justice, or aiding and abetting, or even assaulting a federal agent. She asks him how to find Michael. For the second time, Callahan says, "I have no idea." I don't think Madeline and Callahan will ever date each other.

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Burn Notice




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