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Emerging from the back of a white minivan at a park & ride the next morning, Michael VOs, "Commuter parking lots are great for fugitives. You can get some sleep while your pursuers lose momentum to exhaustion and shift changes." That's great, as long as you can find a commuter lot that caters to people who work nights and is never patrolled. If I could find one of those, I'd quit paying my mortgage. "It's also one-stop shopping for a new phone or dry clothes." Michael breaks into a station wagon that has some dry-cleaning hanging from the back seat hook. Serves the owner right for having regular everyday shirts professionally laundered. After changing, Michael finds a phone in another vehicle's glove compartment and dials it. Sam answers, "Sam Axe Fugitive Assistance Service, Sam speaking. How was your night?" From down the street from Michael's place, he tells Michael that two surveillance teams have his place staked out, so I guess that was the recon Michael was asking for. Couples can read each other's minds like that after a while, you know. Michael realizes he can't go home, but they still have to find Simon. You think maybe someone's working on that already, Michael? I'm sure when a maximum security black flight dropped off the radar, the authorities didn't just shrug and say "Ah, well, live and learn." But Sam agrees with our hero, and has already called Fi and Madeline to bring them up to speed. "Meet at the emergency spot?" Michael asks. But because this is a season finale, Sam's actually thinking the emergency emergency spot.

Madeline is packing an overnight bag, but is having trouble fitting her shotgun in there and has to wrap a blouse around the part of the barrel that sticks out. Get a bigger suitcase, Madeline, or a smaller gun While she's still doing that, there's a knock at the front door. And when she opens it, which she really shouldn't have, standing there are a couple of guys in suits and sunglasses. The very same guy who shot at Michael in the teaser holds up his badge and introduces himself as Agent Callahan from the FBI. "Agent Callahan -- FBI," the subtitles confirm. The actor is the same guy who played Mikey Palmice on The Sopranos early on, but the intervening years have taken a toll and if he's not careful he's going to start looking like a younger Tom Sizemore, and we know where that leads. But for now, he's got more immediate concerns: "We need to talk to you about your son, Michael." Okay, but as long as he doesn't bring up her other son, Nate. That's still kind of embarrassing.

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Burn Notice




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