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Next thing we see, she's sitting at the dining room table while Callahan asks her of she was planning a trip. Madeline kind of muffs that answer, but it's going to be the last time, so don't worry. Callahan wonders about the shotgun in the bag. "Can't be too careful these days," she says glibly. Callahan tells Madeline that he just wants to get the facts from Michael, whom he says is in great danger. "Please, help me help him," he appeals. He can tell by Madeline's packed bag that she knows how to reach Michael, and he'd like her to do that to set up a meeting Madeline takes her time lighting her cigarette. "Now," Callahan insists. Well, don't make a federal case out of it.

"Spies love places people tend to avoid," Michael VOs, which would probably be my favorite thing about being a spy that he's told me about so far, until he gets more specific: "Sewage plants, toxic dumps, condemned motels." Oh, never mind. He's at an example of the latter with Fi and Sam as the VO continues that these are "all places you can put emergency supplies and not worry about whether they'll be there when you need them." As long as "condemned" doesn't become "demolished," sure. They open up a barn-style door into a storage alcove as Sam says they have plenty of guns, but with no fridge, "there's no yogurt and no beer." Whoa, this episode just got dark. A phone in Sam's pocket rings -- "The emergency emergency phone," he says, and adds that Madeline's the only person who knows the number, other than the three of them, and none of them appear to be dialing it. Sam hands the phone to Michael. He hears his mom say in a shaky voice, "There's been a change of plans. I want you to come home right now. I need to talk to you." Michael starts to ask what's wrong, but Madeline cuts him off and hangs up. As if that whole exchange wasn't a clear enough signal as it is, Michael tells Fi and Sam that's what she used to say when his dad was on a bender and he needed to stay away. Sam is worried about how much Madeline knows and will be able to tell the FBI, but Fi's not worried about anything. "I have faith in her. She'll be fine," Fi says blithely. Maybe, but she's going to have a really bad day, in case anyone gives a shit about that. Sam bags up the guns and they head out.

Out on the boardwalk by the beach, Sam launches a mini-intervention with Michael. "Neither of us liked you getting involved with Gilroy in the beginning," Fi adds. Michael starts to make his usual excuses about how he had no choice, but Sam draws a line. "We're with you, but no more lone wolf crap. We gotta know that you're with us." Whatever that means. "I'm with you," Michael says, like he wonders why they'd think otherwise. Satisfied, Sam passes out matching combat knives to make them extra team-like now. Tucking his away, Michael says he's sorry. "Was that an apology?" Fi asks. No, Fi, he was asking you to repeat whatever you just said because he didn't hear you. As if anyone would do that. Sam asks what their next move is. Michael mentions that Gilroy was killed with explosives, which points to Simon knowing an explosives expert in Miami. Oh my God, Simon is in league with Fi! Okay, no, obviously not, but Fi says she'll look into it. Michael says the rest of his Gilroy material is in the Charger, which for mysterious reasons he has parked in Coral Gables. So he took the bus out to that bridge in the sticks? That makes no sense at all. Michael heads over that way. "Keep your head down, Mikey," Sam calls after him as he goes off on more lone wolf crap.

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Burn Notice




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