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One commercial break later, Michael and Simon emerge onto the sidewalk together as the former VOs, "As a spy, you want to work with people with clear alliances. The biggest monster in the world becomes quite predictable on a government payroll. Your worst nightmare is a lone crazy person." At this point, Michael's lone crazy person points out the food cart that's still on fire and chortles conspiratorially, "Red phosphorus under the cooktop. They'll be putting that out for days." Doesn't explain how he timed the flare-up so well, though. Michael snaps his fingers in Simon's face to remind him and those who have just tuned in that he needs Michael to contact Management. Simon gives Michael a little more detail, and says to get Management to the government building at 703 Grand Avenue at 6:00 PM. "Tell him you want a new identity. Tell him you want a Shetland pony, I don't care. Just get him there." Michael says he'll try, but he'll need to visit his loft to do it. Simon's ready to head right over there, but Michael stops short and tells him to wait. "I don't like waiting," Simon whines. Michael points down the street to a van in an alley that he says has been around the block three times, probably after picking him up on a traffic-cam. Simon shrugs that they can go shoot him then, but Michael says he wants to find out from the guy what kind of surveillance is at the loft waiting for them. Because Simon doesn't know that Michael already learned that from Sam, he reluctantly agrees to let Michael go talk to him.

Michael approaches the "surveillance van," which is in fact just a regular delivery van full of cases of liquor being dropped off by some kid. The driver sets down a box with his utility knife on top of it between the alley wall and the van, and Michael grabs both kid and knife, holding one to the eye of the other ( I'll leave you to guess which is which) and threatening to kill him (the kid, that is, not the knife). "Keep your mouth shut and run as fast as you can that way," Michael instructs, pointing to the other end of the alley and adding, "Can I borrow your phone?" Funny how a yes or no question becomes only a yes question when the person asking it is holding a razor blade inside the limits of your ability to focus on it. Michael sends him on his terrified way. While pulling out one of the bottles, opening it up, and splashing the contents all around inside the van, Michael calls Sam on the phone and tells him Simon beat him to the punch, and wants Michael to deliver Management to him. What Michael wants from Sam now is a little advice on getting into the loft past the people watching it. All Sam can suggest is that Michael try swimming in from a few hundred yards upstream, which doesn't sound like much fun to Sam. As usual, Michael says he doesn't have a choice, and tells Sam about the hotel bomb. "Oh, great. Any idea which one?" Sam asks. Michael has none, and leaves that up to Sam and Fi. The camera on Sam, which has been close in on his face all through this conversation, swings around so we can see that in the background, a tiny little figure can be seen getting up in the face (actually the sternum) of a much larger person who is cowering back against the wall. Even from this distance and out of focus, it's not very convincing. Sam says she's working down her contacts. The plan Sam proposes is, "We get the bomb, you take this guy out." Sounds so easy when it's put that way. Michael tosses the phone and a lit Zippo into the van, which flares up nicely. Nothing like a Miami carbecue with a light vodka sauce.

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Burn Notice




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