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Michael hauls himself up out of the canal in front of Simon (with 30 seconds to spare) and says it's all set up. Simon wastes some time trying to make Michael feel better about all this until Michael notices the cops are coming. A car chase ensues, and when Simon doesn't quite lose the pursuers by blowing through a stop sign, Michael suggests a route through the warehouse district. Simon, of course, is happy where he is. "If they catch us, they're gonna cut us off at the causeway," Michael warns. "Or not," Simon says, swerving into oncoming traffic and gunning it. He nearly gets into a head-on collision with a construction truck that way, and doesn't even look like he'd mind it that much, but then he dodges it at the last second. The truck, however, skids and rolls over, dumping its load and becoming a very effective barrier across the entire road for the two FBI cars to crash into. Simon lets out a victory whoop, until Michael pulls the gun from Simon's hip and puts it to his head, warning, "You pull something like that again and I'll end this now!" Simon fakes panic, then calls his bluff: "Wanna run around Miami playing 'Which Hotel's Gonna Blow Up' after I'm dead?" Hey, I'm actually pretty good at that game. I just guess "none" and I'm right almost every time. Simon says he'd shoot if he were Michael, "but then, I like a hotel blowing up every once in a while." Playing Monopoly with him must be a scream. He presses his face against the muzzle, until Michael backs down with a sullen, "Just drive."

At Madeline's house, Agent Callahan finishes up a phone call and tells Madeline their agents didn't find anything at Sawgrass Mills Mall. Not even on the clearance racks? He says he could charge her with aiding and abetting, but she calls it a "senior moment." An unamused Callahan starts yelling at her about the accident that he thinks Michael just caused. "People were injured! My people! These were men with families, and you're sitting there, letting it happen." Callahan's partner comes in with a box from the garage, which contains "modified shotgun rounds, listening devices, bomb-making components." Madeline should have distracted them by showing them the false back in the front closet, which hides such incriminating materials as her late husband's porn stash. Instead, she quickly says of the found contraband, "Those are mine." Callahan comes over all upset on her behalf, warning that she's confessing to federal crimes. "That may seem very noble right now, but believe me, after you're in a federal prison for a few years, you will feel very different." Yes, because Michael would let that happen. We'd see Madeline behind bars and a subtitle that reads "Madeline -- The Client" and she'd be a free woman by 10:55 Eastern. Callahan sits down and tries to tell her that he's the only one who still wants to take Michael alive, unlike the people who are out there after him. "They will shoot first and ask questions later," says the only person who's shot at Michael all day. So far, I should say, but still.

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Burn Notice




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