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Fi drives that little blue Hyundai up to the front of the Epic Hotel, and as they get out, Sam makes a remark that sounds like he's angling for that voice-over commercial announcing gig himself. Then he tips the valet to keep it out front while they head inside for a quick errand. Wait, you can do that?

Inside, Sam and Fi find a huge basement storage room, and roll aside a giant laundry bin so Fi can get a load of the bomb. She doesn't like what she sees. And if the bomb had eyes, I'm sure it would be mutual. On top of one of the bomb's four 55-gallon drums is a circuit-board sandwich bolted down over several blocks of C-4. "Right up against a load-bearing wall," Fi notices. She opens her bomb-defusing kit, which today appears to contain a big Thermos of liquid nitrogen and two pairs of thick rubber gloves, the latter of which they put on. "Liquid nitrogen isn't available at the corner store," Michael VOs. "But it is a standard part of a bomb-maker's workshop. It's also useful for defusing explosives." As Fi starts pouring the stuff over the detonator in a cloud of mist, the VO continues, "On a well-made bomb, you can forget about cutting wires. Any decent bomb-maker will make sure the important wires are impossible to reach." Once Fi has emptied the container, Sam says, "Well, Fi, it's been real." "Yes it has," she agrees. As Sam puts his hands on the device and pulls the circuitry free, Michael's VO adds, "Freeze the detonator, though, and you can usually remove it safely." Sam gets it loose. "Of course, 'usually' is not a word you want to hear when you're working with explosives." While Sam is carrying the detonator away, making me wonder how he plans to get it past the front desk clerk, it beeps on him. Fi tells him to get rid of it fast. On their way out of the room at a run, Sam throws it behind several giant racks of water cooler bottles, and then they brace themselves as soon as they're around the corner. But nothing happens, to their great relief. Until it does, that is, and just the detonator has enough boom to knock over a lot of water jugs. They may have to tip that valet a little more generously now.

Simon stops his car along the shoreline, rhapsodizes briefly about the sea air, and tells Michael this is where he gets off. That doesn't really fit with Michael's plan, so he tries to argue that Simon needs his help scouting the site. Simon says he's got it covered with his own team, which he's about to put in place. All Michael needs to do is be at the building with Management at six. Simon, it seems, is fully aware that Michael may not actually feel as cooperative as he's been acting, and offers him a little flexibility: "We don't have to do this my way. My way, however, is the only way that doesn't involve the deaths of thousands of people. Your call." Michael hands Simon his gun back and pouts, "I'll see you at six." Simon reminds him that everybody wins if this goes right (well, not Management, I'm guessing), and even gives Michael his phone back. "Call your friends. I'll see you soon." Michael gets out and watches Simon drive away without even another car within handy stealing distance to follow in. Poor guy just got Garfunkeled again.

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