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As Michael and Sam cruise through the Miami suburbs in the Charger, looking for the "Bill Johnson" who picked up that Dragunov sniper rifle Michael's been tracking, Michael voice-overs about how hard it is to find covert operatives who don't want to be found. "Spies make great neighbors," he explains, simply because they go out of their way not to draw attention to themselves. It's not any easier when you've got what Michael calls "a few dozen suspects," as we see the list of Bill Johnsons that they've been working down, with the ones at the top crossed off. I do hope they've arranged the list by location instead of spending the whole day shuttling back and forth between South Beach and North Beach (if there is such a place as North Beach, of course). As they pull up to a Spanish Colonial or whatever, Michael deadpans, "That's Bill Johnson's house." "That gets funnier every time," Sam lies. On this, their tenth Bill, Sam is agitating for a break, even though Michael bought him a beer after Bill #8. Michael offers to buy the next round if Sam will "do the honors," which in this case means opening the trash bins in the driveway. The first Hefty bag Sam grabs leaks viscous brown fluid all over his pants, to his horror. "That's two rounds, Mike!" he calls. Well, considering the kind of bar that Sam will be able to walk into while reeking of garbage, I still think Michael's going to save a few bucks. As they put a couple of sacks into the Charger's trunk and glove up to go through them, Michael VOs about how much someone's garbage can tell you about them. Of course, the shredded documents aren't the giveaway they used to be in this age of rampant identity theft. They look up as an older woman in a muumuu with a purse-dog comes out of the house to check the mailbox, and she doesn't even notice the guys on the corner rooting through her trash. "Great, the guy lives with his mother?" Sam bitches. "I ruined my khakis for nothing." But Michael just found a clue that tells him they've got Carla's sniper after all: an empty, leaky bottle of laundry bluing, which an MWVO explains is a dye that "dry cleaners use by the thimble and covert operatives use by the bottle." Not only does it smear documents (although it failed to hide the handwritten word "Dragunov" on a sheet of notepaper, which is lucky for Michael), it also dyes the hands of any neighborhood dumpster divers. Too bad for "Bill Johnson" that Michael and Sam are wearing rubber gloves. Michael asks Sam to find out everything he can about the "Bill Johnson" they just found. Sam agrees, without even asking for new pants in exchange.

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Burn Notice




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