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But Michael seems to be fine that evening as Sam plays him a recording of a phone call he picked up from the bug in Bill Johnson's room. They can only hear Bill Johnson's end of the conversation -- that way the show doesn't have to pay Tricia Helfer for another episode -- but we can hear Bill Johnson promising to be someplace "1500," futilely asking who the target is (clearly not for the first time), and wondering if he gets his life back after this. "At least she's consistent," Michael says around a spoonful of yogurt. Look who's talking. Then his phone rings, and what he sees on the caller ID seems to dampen his mood. He answers in his Larry voice: "Drew, for your sake I hope you're calling me from someplace far." But Drew's in his office as he says that he tried to run, but some dude showed up to tell him that the job was still on. "Guy? What guy?" Michael asks, as though he doesn't already know. Drew describes Larry and says, "He said his name's Michael Westen." So Drew thinks Michael is Larry and that Larry is Michael. The rest of this recap could become kind of confusing, at least for Drew.

At the museum, Fi and Michael have to take a disappointed Jeannie back into the ladies' room and explain, "We had one slip through the cracks." Michael tells Jeannie to go to the charity lunch she has scheduled for today. They'll give her instructions that are "a little out of your comfort zone," but they promise to protect her. Jeannie agrees. My question is why Larry's going to insist on going ahead with Jeannie's murder instead of just taking Drew's money. But then I suppose most hitmen need to have a pretty draconian return policy.

Michael is working at the loft when Sam comes in, giving him a hard time for not locking the door. "That sociopath is still out there." As are any number of others; leaving the front door open is pretty careless for someone who eats, sleeps, and works out with a gun always in reach. Michael doesn't think Larry will come after him, but Sam interprets Larry's use of Michael's as Larry being pissed off at Michael. "No, that was just his way of saying hands off my operation, sit this one out," Michael says, as though he hasn't sufficiently shown off his fluency in Larry-nese this week. Sam gives Michael a newspaper article about a pharmacy across from Larry's hotel that burned down the night before, which they figured Larry did to cover up his theft of something. "He always did like his poisons," Michael murmurs. Sam wonders what Larry's plan is, and Michael figures that the combination of the poison plus the fact that he told Drew to have the money ready by 1:00 means that he's going to hit Jeannie at her lunch. As he pulls a big folding sniper rifle out of his bottom desk drawer, Sam seriously asks, "Look, you want me to do it?" Michael declines. "It should be me." Yes, it should. But "should" doesn't always mean "will."

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