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I, Otter, Kill You

As Campbell's ambulance screams up to the museum, Michael VOs, "Staging a fake death and a believable emergency response is almost impossible on a budget. One lone ambulance isn't going to sell it. So unless you happen to have a fleet of fire and rescue vehicles, uniforms, and a dozen actors you trust, you really do have to call 911." So that's why all these fire engines and cop cars are also arriving with their sirens and flashers at full blast. Michael adds, "You just have to have called your people first." Hence Campbell and his redheaded female partner already rolling Jeannie out on the gurney while the real "first-responders" are getting there second. "How'd you get here so fast?" another paramedic asks Campbell, who blows him off as he loads Jeannie into the ambulance and Fi follows. As soon as the doors close behind them, Fi kisses Campbell gratefully. It's nice to see that unlike our regulars when they calmly and routinely defraud Miami's emergency services, he's freaking out. "How do you seem to be so relaxed?" he frets. "Never again." From the shotgun seat, Sam calls back to Jeannie, who is clearly alive. "Where to, Sam?" asks the ambulance driver. "Anywhere you want, buddy," Sam grins at her, and the ambulance takes off. But won't the hospital wonder why one of their ambulances took a heart attack victim to a makeout spot?

Michael's on his Bluetooth with Drew, and also watching through the scope of his rifle as Drew's car pulls up down below. He instructs Drew to leave the money in the trunk and make Larry come out in the open to get it. As Michael chambers a round, he explains what's about to happen in VO: "Spend a career in covert ops and you're going to know some bad people. You'll work with them, you'll live with them, you might even trust your life to them. But none of that makes them your friend. It can't. Because one day, you might have to end them." But make sure the person who they're expecting to pay them for a hit actually brings the money, just in case.

Down at ground level, Larry calls out to Drew from behind a corner, and snaps at him to put his hands down when Drew raises them like a holdup victim. Drew asks how Larry wants this to work, and Larry's instructions are clear: "You give me the money. Then, I have the money." Even Drew is able to follow that. Drew goes to the trunk to get it, while Larry stresses at him to hurry up. "I just killed a lady in there," he says loudly. You know, maybe he wouldn't always have to be killing so many people all the time if he learned to keep his voice down. Watching Drew through the sniper scope from above, Michael remotely-coaches the idiot not to let Larry stay under cover. Drew drops the duffel of cash on the ground about ten feet from Larry's hiding spot and taunts, "Don't you want the money?" He "sneaks" a look up to the rooftop where he thinks Michael is, which tips Larry off. Larry dives out from his cover, taking Drew to the ground behind the car in a flying tackle before Michael can react. When they come back into the view of Michael's scope, Larry's using Drew as a human shield. "Do you think he'll shoot you?" he asks Drew, "Because I would shoot you." Hell, I'm not sure I wouldn't. Despite the close quarters, Larry's face is partially in Michael's crosshairs for just a flash, and then Larry kicks the duffel back undercover before dragging Drew there and snapping his neck. Michael sees the body roll into view, and the eye not hidden by the scope goes wide as he realizes he just fucked up. Big time.

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Burn Notice




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