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He's still absorbing that when his cell phone rings. "Yeah, Larry?" he answers. Larry cackles into Michael's earpiece, "Not bad for an old man, eh? Two Andersons, one day." Larry's zombie grin is back in place, and even more frightening in extreme close-up. After a quiet pause, Larry asks Michael, "Or was it just one?" Still peering through the scope at nothing, Michael snaps, "You got what you wanted. Leave it alone." Again, not sure why Drew had to produce the actual money when neither of them expected Larry to walk away. Shutting down his scope, Michael tells Larry to shuffle off to Buffalo. Larry thinks that's a good idea, but wants to ask Michael something first: "You knew that kid was dead anyway. Why didn't you take the shot?" Michael says he didn't have one, but Larry thinks that Michael just couldn't bring himself to shoot his friend. "Some people live, some people die," he says as an epigram, before grabbing the duffel and walking off to await his next appearance as a recurring villain. To be honest, I'm kind of looking forward to that as well.

And after that, Michael has to go back to Madeline's house to meet with her and her therapist, and turn in his lifework assignment. He's on the last item of his list, which is that he's grateful to Madeline for giving him her fantastic...eyesight. Madeline is, to say the least, not impressed. "You couldn't come up with five real things?" Turning to the flummoxed counselor, she bitches, "He doesn't even think I ever did five things for him. In his life! I was a terrible mother. No wonder you ran away." This is news to the counselor, but Michael explains that he joined the military at age 17. "My dad signed a form. Couldn't wait to get me out of the house." Madeline says that in fact she forged his dad's name on the form. "I didn't want to take away the one thing you were grateful to your father for," she says. "I would have, if I'd known my own list was so short." Michael asks why she did it. She says she knew that if he didn't leave, he might have ended up in jail or worse. "You could have turned out different," she says grimly. "I let you go because you needed to focus on something good." Into this moment, the therapist congratulates them on crossing the bridge, and they both snap at him to get out. Michael thanks his mom before she ducks into a bedroom. So that just leaves three more things for Michael to come up with.

Michael and Sam are in the Charger, tailing the aforementioned Bill Johnson to a large office building with a 1500 address. They pull into a questionable parking spot and watch through the opera glasses as Bill Johnson gets out of the car he left in an even more questionable parking spot. He's got a very sour expression on his face and a backpack over one shoulder. "He looks grumpier than you do when you're going to meet Carla," Sam cracks. Michael points out that she hasn't had him kill anyone yet. As they watch Bill Johnson walk toward the entrance, Michael goes into one last VO: "Black bag missions are often broken into separate parts. Operatives are given discrete tasks to ensure secrecy." And suddenly the opera glasses zoom waaay in on the item "Bill Johnson" is using to gain access to the building: it's that security badge that Michael got from Nefzi in the second episode of the season. "They're like jigsaw pieces," the VO continues as the screen above the card reader flashes, "ACCESS GRANTED 4TH FLOOR" and Bill Johnson walks inside. "And you never know if any of the ones you're given are from the same puzzle. But if you can get your hands on a corner piece, the part where the puzzle starts to take shape, sometimes you realizes all your pieces fit together." Especially if there are only two pieces. Let's count them together. First, There's a quick flashback to Michael in Nefzi's shop with the original and the fake security badge, and then Michael shows Sam the prototype he nicked for himself as he says that Bill Johnson's got the other copy. Second, there's a flashback to the sniper rifle heist, and Michael throwing the x-ray film of the gun up on his window. And that's all the pieces. "Carla's turned you into the sniper's personal shopper," Sam realizes. As Michael starts the car and drives off, he tells Sam. "I think I know how to find out what she's planning." You suppose it has anything to do with all the data that Michael helped Jimmy steal way back in the season premiere? I'd like to think so, but that would have to mean this jigsaw puzzle has a third piece.

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