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I, Otter, Kill You

Michael, back in his suit, heads back to Drew's restaurant, while VO-ing about the difference between pros and amateurs planning ambushes. See, pros attack aggressively, making their opponent respond from a place of weakness. But amateurs like Drew tend to be more defensive even when in ambush mode, which means they're also in a weak position. That would explain why when Michael heads back to Drew's office, he can see the toes of Drew's shoes under the open door. Michael therefore simply body-checks the door, squishing Drew against the wall hard enough to send him sprawling to the floor and make him drop his gun. Michael snags it and tosses it away as Drew flusters that the gun was to protect himself from Michael, who he knew would be angry at him for failing to call off the hit. Going by Michael's entirely real disappointment, I don't think the gun is going to cover it. Drew says he tried, but couldn't get through to one of the killers, who he thinks is going to be squishing Jeannie with a dump truck on her way home approximately now-ish. Michael's freak-out is only partially put on as he tries to get Drew to call Jeannie and warn her, but Drew says the hitman had the foresight to put a cell phone jammer in Jeannie's car. Okay, what the hell kind of hitman uses a dump truck and a cell phone jammer? Drew tells an increasingly upset Michael that his name will stay out of it, and it'll just look like an accident, which Drew thinks means no cops. "Who do you think investigates fatal car crashes?" Michael demands, putting the point of his scary little knife up behind Drew's ear. Still maintaining his cover, even when he's got a hit to stop. Drew begs Michael to let him run. "Run," Michael says, and walks out, to Drew's immense relief.

Cut to Jeannie's car, where a little box with blinking red lights is hidden under the seat. Nice protecting there, Fi. Michael explains in voice-over what a cell phone jammer is and what it does, which, thanks, I think we figured that out. I mean, I didn't assume it was a kitchen appliance that turns mobile phones into preserves and cans them, did you? Jeannie looks curious that nobody seems to be calling her as she rides in the shotgun seat while Fi drives. So that raises the stakes here; not only is Jeannie's life in danger, but so is Fi's. I'm having mixed emotions about this. Back behind the restaurant, Michael is trying Fi on his cell phone anyway and getting a recording: "The caller you are trying to reach is unavailable." Yes, she's dating Campbell. Michael runs over, breaks into a big, heavily-laden pickup truck, and drives off.

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Burn Notice




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