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Double-Edged Sword

While driving around in the Charger with Jesse looking for a properly shabby and abandoned two-room squatter-house in which to interrogate Kendra, Michael VOs about how important it is to set everything up properly. Because, just like proposing marriage, you only get one shot at it. Which is completely contrary to how this storyline will play out, but never mind. They get it all set up and stuff Kendra into a room, handcuffed to a chair behind a table. Watching her on a monitor with Michael, Jesse's suddenly way too eager to get in there the moment 48 hours are up, but Michael wants him to hold off. Finally, with much effort, he gets Jesse to stop agitating long enough to let him explain that they're going to make Kendra think they're prepared to sell her to people who are way worse than they are. Obviously they'll be bluffing, because a) where are they going to find such people, and b) selling Kendra would require them to accept money.

When they go in, Michael starts asking questions, and Kendra, thinking this is supposed to be a torture situation, reminds him that they're supposed to have a bunch of tools on a tray. Michael whips out the photo of Cobra's corpse (from the autopsy report Jesse stole from the Bahamas) and she says that whoever she was working for, it obviously wasn't the dead guy. Michael makes reference to some hard-ass arms dealers that her victim worked for, and says that she can answer his questions, or she can answer theirs. Michael VOs about how a prisoner who already thinks she has hit rock-bottom might respond to a threat of their circumstances getting even worse. But in this case, Kendra not only calls the bluff, she starts banging her head in the table to show how much punishment she can handle. Jesse physically stops her, and Michael angrily bustles him out of the room while Kendra laughs at them both. So that's the equivalent of your girlfriend saying no? I think in that situation, you're the one who's going to be bleeding from the head.

Outside, Jesse asks what that was about, and Michael agrees that Jesse did the right thing. Jesse doesn't get it, until Michael explains that since their first try didn't work, they now have a new play: the old good-cop/bad-cop routine, and Jesse gets to be the good cop. Or at least the lame cop, with a controlling boss breathing down his neck. Jesse agrees, but only if he gets to handle her alone. Hey, who's the boss here?

After the commercials, Michael is at the Carlito telling a reluctant Sam that he needs to back Jesse up, with his "booming baritone" playing the part of the boss from hell. Sam agrees, and Fi walks up to collect Michael for a job helping a guy who makes knock-off handbags. Michael tells Sam it won't take long. "Never does," Sam eye-rolls.

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Burn Notice




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