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Double-Edged Sword

Michael and Fi show up at the knock-off designer's place, which is cluttered with his goods. But an even bigger eyesore is the purple velour tracksuit he's wearing that makes him look like Grimace. Buddy hands Michael a Polaroid of what he made for a certain mysterious client who now seems to want him dead: just a couple of little onyx lion-heads and a piece of leather with a couple of similarly-sized hexagons cut out. And that was for 20 grand, and now the client -- who Buddy never met, and who only talked to Buddy on the phone through a voice scrambler -- is trying to kill him. Buddy leads them out to show how his hot tub was sabotaged, and if he hadn't noticed some loose wires he would have been electrocuted. Michael tries to turn down the job, which goes as well as always, because Fi takes pity on Buddy and agrees to take him on. So since their one lead is the phone conversation, Buddy says he got the phone company lady to triangulate the call for him in exchange for a Jimmy Choo knockoff. He pulls out a tiny little gun of his own and suggests they go get him together. Michael shoots that idea down, which, since Buddy already dropped his gun on the patio, doesn't take a lot of shooting.

Michael and Fi show up at what looks like an abandoned factory, but since there are live wires and antennas and security cameras strewn about among the debris, Michael thinks they should leave. But before they do, the place blows up, flattening them both. Michael calls 911 to have someone come put out the fire, before whatever is hidden goes up in flames. Fi doesn't like the idea, for whatever reason. I say they compromise, and Michael can send Fi in to put the fire out. He can even give her a bucket if he likes.

Back at the interrogation house, Jesse lets Sam scream boss-like at him loud enough for Kendra to hear (and loud enough to spit on Jesse's face), then goes in and acts like the tough guy, demanding to know who Kendra's working for. Kendra totally buys it, trying to play on what she perceives as Jesse's weakness. She says she's never telling him anything, but offers him a deal, just between the two of them. Kendra says she knows she's not leaving this room, but she wants to know who they are. Jesse agrees, and tells her to go first. She says Cobra was a paid job, the end. Well, that was informative.

From outside the explosion site, where the firemen are currently swarming around the burnt-out building, Michael calls Sam for a mutual update before going inside to see what he can salvage. Fi offers to help: "I'm really good at getting what I want from firefighters." Michael doesn't dignify that with a reply. As he approaches the scene, he VOs about how communication between different agencies causes confusion, which creates an opportunity for him. So he walks in and blusters the fire captain, claiming to be "Randy" from the county arson investigators. That gives him a minute to snoop around while the fire captain stomps outside to check back with HQ. While on the phone with Fi, Michael spots a melted laptop, then a resin mold that seems to partly match what Buddy made. Fi tells Michael that the captain is on his way back in, and with a wastebasket in his hand, Michael blusters again, saying he's got hazardous materials in his possession and walking right out with them, in his shirtsleeves and everything. That would totally work, too.

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Burn Notice




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