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Double-Edged Sword

Back at Buddy's place, the client is not encouraged to hear that the bad guy burned down his own place, which doesn't bode well for what he'd be willing to do to Buddy. The good news is that Michael and Fi have reconstructed a resin mold for an Alexander the Great sword (shout-out?). According to a handy news article, the real thing is going to be displayed at a software company gala on Saturday. It seems the CEO wants everyone to see his sword at the next product launch, and this way, while expensive, is less embarrassing than showing off the other kind of sword. Michael and Fi have already figured out that a thief is making a copy of it in order to steal the original. Now to figure out who it is.

Back at the Carlito, Sam says that based on the M.O., he narrowed it down to one guy, who no one has ever even seen, whom the French police call "Mr. Slippery." They call him that in French, of course, but since we're never going to hear the French version of that name again, I don't plan to look up the spelling. [Monsieur Glissant! - Le Zach] Mr. Slippery is not only slippery but ruthless, having been known to blow people up to cover escapes. Michael says they need to go warn the software CEO.

Michael and Fi, wearing their black power-suits (without ties, of course) walk into the building and right up to H!ITG Alan Dale, who's playing the software CEO. He can't be that high-powered, because he doesn't seem to have an office and is thus forced to have meetings with his underlings right there in the front lobby. Michael tells him he's about to be robbed, and the subtitles agree that he is indeed "Mr. Bocklage -- About To Be Robbed." They give false names and claim to be from a private security company, telling him about how someone known as Mr. Slippery plans to steal the sword. Since they know that the replica angle makes this an inside job, Michael says they need to see his HR records. Unsurprisingly, he shoots them down, Bocklage even accusing Michael of trying to pull a con himself. "Maybe we should turn in a résumé at the HR department, anyway," Michael suggests. About time he tried to get a steady gig.

Oh, that's not what he means. They break into the empty office of an HR rep, while Michael VOs about how awesome file-sharing sites are for stealing large files. I'm sure they appreciate the plug. Fi spots the woman who works in the office coming up the hall, and intercepts her to put on a totally lame display that at least distracts her long enough to allow Michael to escape unseen.

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Burn Notice




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