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Previouslies aren't unusual for this show at the beginning and end of a half-season, but it is unusual for them to reintroduce the client and the bad guy from the previous episode's Job Of The Week. Perhaps they will be somehow relevant tonight.

Someone's watching C-SPAN, where there are Senate hearings going on (chaired by my nonexistent elected representative, Senator Gordon [R-Minn]). So apparently the whole thing with telecom CEO John Barrett and his evil international conspiracy has been blown wide open. But we should probably be more interested in who's watching it, namely Sam and Fi, sitting a quiet vigil over a seriously fucked-up Michael while he lies comatose in his hospital room. He VOs poetically about how "spies work in the shadows but dream of the light," and how "one day the world will learn what you've done even if your name is never known." But after three days of watching Michael sleep the sleep of the just, Fi gets bored and kicks his bed. "Where am I?" he gasps, clearly not seeing the sweet view out the giant windows behind Fi. She tells him he's at Mt. Sinai Hospital, and reminds him that he was both shot and in a car accident. Plus, John Barrett is dead. And the briefcase with Simon's code-key Bible and the encrypted data in it is missing. Michael says they need to get that, because it has the cover IDs of all the people who burned him, but presumably its retrieval will have to wait, because right now Michael can't even reach the water on his bedside table. Instead of helping him with that, Fi tells Michael he could use that to destroy the people who burned him. "Exactly," Michael grins weakly.

Some other day, or maybe just later, Michael's having a wheelchair constitutional up on the roof of the hospital when Jesse wanders up, carrying a satchel. Fi makes herself scarce, and Jesse starts with a little small talk. "So, how you feelin'?" "Not great, you shot me," Michael says, causing the talk to get big in a hurry. Jesse says he was trying to save Michael. "Shooting through you to do it was just a... perk." Heh. Jesse brought Michael his big fat burn notice file, and Michael says he could use some help taking down the people who burned him. Jesse's not exactly thrilled with the idea, even when Michael starts to roll out the tired line about how maybe they can help Jesse, too, which even Michael doesn't believe any more after spending the whole first half of the season lying to him about it. Jesse agrees to help Michael find the list, "Because it's the right thing to do, and I want to have a say in what we do with it." Michael thinks that means he can count on Jesse. "That's a hell of a question coming from you, "Jesse says as he leaves. So much for the big talk, too.

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Burn Notice




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