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Fi and Jesse are at the university's computer lab asking questions about Mark Sweeney when a skinny nerd gets up and leaves. Jesse gives chase while Fi hangs back to smile at the professor. Michael VOs that most foot chases are pretty short: "Few people have anything left in the tank after a quarter mile at top speed." It's just a matter of keeping the target in sight and waiting to catch up. Which Jesse does. Once Jesse catches him, the kid admits that he couldn't help Sweeney, other than to refer him to a guy at SXG, a defense contractor where he interned. Netted him a hundred bucks, too.

Jesse returns to Fi, telling her what he learned from "Ichabod Bolt." But before they can follow that up, she gets a call from Sam and Michael, who are busy with Walt wrapping up that TV-bomb in duct tape and plastic trash bags next to the pool. They need her help triangulating Dennis's position using the signal from the bomb's remote detonator. As Sam and Walt lower the TV into the pool, Michael suggests they can maybe use his mom, too. "Jesse will do it, I'll call you," Fi says and hangs up. Jesse refuses to get involved, until Fi says that while they lied to Jesse about what they did to him, they didn't lie about who they are. Hence this operation to catch the South Beach Bomber. "Ah, son of a bitch," Jesse sighs wearily.

Inside Walt's house, Michael's got the laptop and cell phone set up, and it's five o'clock. Right on time, Dennis calls to tell Walt he's the guy who killed his boss, and he wants Walt to turn on the news. Walt lies that he did, and the pool explodes, thanks to the flat-screen depth charge they sank into it. Sam, Jesse and Fi, positioned all over town, are able to triangulate Dennis's position: right outside Fi's house. She goes out the back window jus before Dennis stomps in.

Michael and Sam meet up with Jesse and Fi on the street outside Fi's house. Sam tells Jesse it's good to see him. "You really want to have a reunion right here? Seriously?" Sam lets it drop. They assess the situation: there are still four more Dennis-bombs all over town wired to hair-trigger radio detonators. Michael volunteers to go in alone and let his friends shoot at them so Michael can bond with Dennis under fire, but the cops are showing up, so that's not going to happen. Even so, Michael's messiah complex gets an assist from Sam, pointing out that if the cops get Dennis he'll never give up the location of the remaining bombs. Michael gently tells Fi it's okay and heads off.

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Burn Notice




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