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In character as Gordon, Michael enters Fi's place and tells Dennis -- who's holding a fresh bomb -- that the cops are coming and they have to leave. He claims that he followed Dennis, and "ended" the jogger who saw Dennis break in and called the police. "I'm like you now," he says proudly. Dennis is pissed off at how much heat Michael's brought down. Meanwhile, outside, Jesse's worried about all the cops showing up with their radios. "One burst of static on the wrong channel," he frets. The team spreads out and starts telling the cops to shut off their radios. Inside, Dennis is watching the unfolding scene while Michael VOs about how zealots think they have something to teach the world. "Dealing with a fanatic, then, is often just a matter of being a very good student." Dennis sits down and arms the bomb he's been holding and starts ranting about how this is only the beginning, and others will follow in his crazy footsteps. Michael pretends to know what Dennis is saying: "I can walk out of here like your hostage, the cops won't even bother me. I can detonate the devices!" Dennis acts like that was his idea all along. Michael keeps selling it, getting Dennis to agree to tell him the addresses.

When Michael comes out alone, the police are a little rough with him, given how his bad arm doesn't easily go behind him like the cops want it to. But he manages to smile at Fi, signaling that he has the addresses. Jesse says it's not over -- Dennis could blow the device when the cops get close, and take a bunch of them with him. "Fi, how do you want to play it?" Sam asks. But before she can answer, Jesse hits the detonator in his hand, blowing Fi's new house to shit. Everyone's shocked at what he just did, and Jesse tells Sam and Fi, "Sometimes you gotta put the rabid dog down." From the ground, Michael watches Jesse walk away. He's always been a bit of a loose cannon, but now he's a loose cannon in a bad mood.

Madeline comes home to find Michael standing in her kitchen looking pensive. She still wants to know why Michael does it. "I dunno," he shrugs, admitting that the doesn't know if he's that different from anyone else who likes the feeling of a trigger on their finger. "Whatever," Madeline analyzes. "Maybe you got some repressed crap, you know?" Her point is that it doesn't matter. "You're one of the good guys, Michael. I'm proud of you." Plus she got him a present: a new pair of sunglasses, just like the Algerian ones he lost. "It's called shopping," she says. "We all have our strengths. Now go do what you do."

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Burn Notice




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