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As usual, we open with someone trying to talk to Michael about something, but this time it's Sam, telling Michael not to go meet with Vaughn (which he says is a vampire name) and quit working with the people who burned him. Of course Michael won't be talked out of it, not only because he feels obligated to find out who sprung Simon, but also because he got poor Jesse Porter burned last week and doesn't want it to have been for nothing. That last is good enough for Sam. "But I still think Vaughn is a vampire name," he argues. Is anything not a vampire name these days?

Michael goes and meets Vaughn at the latter's hotel suite and says he's still going through Porter's file, which is pretty raw. And speaking of Jesse, Vaughn has heard that Porter's out there looking for who stole his file and got him burned. You know, the whole Season One Michael Westen bit. Vaughn assures Michael that they'll have him "taken care of," but Michael insists on being put in charge of the hunt for Jesse so they can use him. Although he denies feeling responsible for the dude. Vaughn pleasantly hands Michael a thick file of phone records at the financial company whose lines Jesse hacked to make his calls from. "Bug it, boss," Vaughn suggests.

Later, outside said company's building, Fi tries to convince Michael to leave well enough alone, but since she's obviously going to be unsuccessful, they do a little "Sunday break-in." Once inside, they've got 90 seconds before the alarm kicks in. Michael busies himself with the company's computer-powered phone switchboard to try to find which line he needs to bug, while Fi gets to work vandalizing the place so it'll look like the break-in was the work of a disgruntled ex-employee. And to buy a little extra time, she sets a homemade incendiary charge in a wastebasket to distract the guard and cover their escape. Now the company will never know that spies were there. Lesson for companies: don't ever fire anyone.

Michael and Sam bust into Madeline's house with guns leveled, and find her slumped in a chair. Of course it's a false alarm, and they scare the hell out of her waking her up. Seems they got a rather terse text from her: "Need help now." But instead of being under siege, she wants them to convert her garage to a rental apartment. She's even got a tenant already lined up, not that we'll ever meet him. Michael protests, pointing out all the "private work" they do in the garage, but Madeline says she needs more stable people in her life. Okay, whatever. We'll see how that works out.

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Burn Notice




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