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"Building up an asset is a little like raising a kid," Michael VOs as they get frisked by Matheson's goons outside his cabana tent. "You can give them the tools to succeed, but when the first day of school rolls around, they're on their own." That's so true. I still remember the first day of school for M. Edium, my four-year-old. It was an emotional day for all of us: me, his mom and the little asset himself. Tommy introduces "Milo," "Brianna" and "Big Chuck" to Matheson, and says he was hoping they could all get in on a job. Matheson gives Tommy a hard time for talking so loud, and, once again, for not thinking. Matheson suspects Tommy's new crew of being cops, pointing to Sam's "cop haircut." Which actually looks totally different from how Sam wore his hair when he was posing as a cop two weeks ago, but never mind. Matheson tries to intimidate Sam (which doesn't work), flirt with Fi (which works even less), and is finally convinced that they're for real when Tommy tells him they helped him with the dry cleaner robbery. "It was like clockwork," Tommy says, again deploying his favorite term with the predictability of... I don't know, something that operates with mechanical reliability and regularity. Matheson invites Tommy to sit down for a talk, and dismisses his crew.

Except the "crew" is listening in on the bug in the beat-up car Michael's driving this week. Fi thinks Tommy's liable to have a heart attack before they get anything, right before they hear Matheson invite Tommy and his crew in on tomorrow's job, which is a hit on a meth lab in a place called "Little Dominica." Expanding into Vice City, I see. Tommy's crew will be in charge of watching the front. When Tommy doubtfully asks about the dealers having machine guns and wonders if there's another way, Matheson basically tells him to sack up and take the shot he's been waiting for. "We're in," Michael says.

But when Michael goes back to meet Tommy at the track, Tommy claims there isn't anything for them. Good thing Michael bugged him, or he'd have no choice but to believe him. So Michael pushes the issue, until Tommy pushes back, hard. "This guy was gonna get you killed just to make a few bucks!" Tommy yells. "That ain't gonna happen. You guys are out!" Michael protests some more to Tommy and VOs, "Work in intelligence long enough, and you get good at predicting human behavior. But sometimes, people surprise you." Which Tommy proceeds to do. He confesses that he thought he could move up if he got a crew of his own. "But that ain't me. It ain't me." "And when they do, you can surprise yourself," Michael VOs. Dropping the fake accent, Michael comes clean with Tommy: "I wanted in on the heist because I'm trying to take Matheson down." Tommy's upset at first that Michael lied to him, but Michael insists that he's a good guy, even if he isn't a cop. "Matheson's hurt a lot of people and he's going to keep doing it. But we're going to take him down. We need your help." Uh-oh, the situation is even more desperate than I thought.

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Burn Notice




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