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The next morning, Paxson shows up at the loft to brace Michael and Sam some more. She makes some threatening noises about crime labs, which doesn't really scare Michael. And it shouldn't, since they used nothing in the entire job except stuff they found on the scene and whatever Fi cut that camera wire with. And even if they had, where the hell has Miami's crime lab been during the last two seasons? Is it new or something? This is her lame preamble to mentioning last night's robbery/car theft, for which she claims to suspect Michael. So he asks if she's arresting him, which she isn't yet. "Just giving you a chance to explain yourself before the lab work gets done." "Pass, but thanks," Michael mocks. She says he can always check with the cops behind him if he changes his mind. If he can find them, that is. He's already shaken them off at least three times, so far, that we know of, and he isn't done yet. I've met cable repair guys who are more relentless. Paxson takes off again, probably in search of someone else who knows how to file a harassment complaint, since Michael clearly doesn't.

After she leaves, Michael says she's just trying to tie him to anything. So that was the only crime committed in Miami last night? Convenient. As Fi comes down the stairs with a manila envelope and a bundle of cash in her gloved hands, he asks her if she ditched the car she stole. She says the cops won't find it for months. "So after giving the dry cleaner back all his money, last night's heist cost us a grand." And are they also throwing in the cost of fixing his lights, cash register, camera cord, and padlock? Sam's more worried about the crime lab for some reason, and Michael agrees that they need to get this over with. "It's time for Tommy's crew to run into some cash flow problems." Oh, good, that explains... nothing.

Michael lurks in the kennels at the dog track, where Tommy's looking over the contenders. "The sight of a fresh injury has a primal effect on people," he VOs. "If you really need to make a point, sometimes there's no substitute for a good shiner." And with that, he swings a kennel door sharply into his own face. "It's never fun, but if that's what sells your story, it's worth a little pain." Again, Michael's injury comes pretty close to the scar that was already there. I'm starting to wonder if that's some kind of zipper the producers had installed in Jeffrey Donovan's face so they could just open it up every time Michael needs to look hurt and save money on fake blood. Like Bruce Campbell couldn't hook them up. [The man is probably still washing it out of his hair. - Z] Tommy is indeed startled at Michael's battered appearance when he comes up to him, claiming he has to leave town to get away from some debts. Tommy doesn't want to lose his apprentice: "You were a little nervous last night, but you did real good, man." Straight-faced, Michael says, "Coming from you, that means so much," but insists that he's still got to leave unless he gets a big score. Tommy's not giving up, and tells Michael about the worst odds he ever saw on a dog: 200 to 1. So he put a hundred on the overexcited hound, hoping to win a new car. And how did that turn out? "Busted his leg out of the chute," Tommy says. Michael's not really getting the point of the story, so Tommy explains that instead of letting them put him down, Tommy adopted him. "The point is, you gotta wait for the door to open before you can run." Michael says that's not enough, and he doesn't want a broken leg of his own. So Tommy says he might have something, and offers to introduce him to "an associate of mine, Rick Matheson." "What, he work for you or something?" Michael asks, never missing a chance to convince Tommy of his admiration. "We work together," Tommy stammers, and tells him to "dress nice" for the meeting. But how many gold chains does Michael own?

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Burn Notice




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