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The Devil and Michael Westen

From outside, we can see that apartment window blast outward. The glass is still falling during Michael's VO of, "Traditional rappelling requires holding a rope with both hands. Which is inconvenient if you're being shot at. That's why special forces are trained to rappel in unconventional ways." Michael and Mack are now going down the building face-down, providing their own covering fire to add to that which Sam is providing from the window. One of the bad guys even gets shot in the leg, so you know this is for real. After they land, they cover Sam as he ziplines down, and the three of them run for the Charger parked behind the building. Mack yells for Sam to duck, and he does just as bullets rip into the pillar behind him, and they all make it out alive. What, you thought we'd get out of this without a scene of Sam or Mack saving the other's life? How would the opportunity to exploit that cliché get missed?

By the time they've pulled back into Michael's courtyard, they've apparently been so busy changing out of their commando clothes that they haven't had time to talk about what happened until now. Mack blames Omar for setting them up, but Sam says that makes no sense, given Omar's fraught relationship with Vega. "That's funny, you talking about betrayal, he adds." Fi comes down the steps with a recording from the bug in Omar's car. She plays it back, and we can hear the sounds of another firefight with Vega (who is clearly one busy hombre), and Omar taking a round in the arm. "I hope I screamed less when it happened to me," Fi says. Well, yes, as I recall, she was too busy drowning in four feet of water to do much screaming. Michael realizes that Vega must have learned Omar was looking for Rincon, and now Vega wants Omar dead. As the team realizes the position they've put Omar in, even Mack says they owe him an assist.

Later, Michael in his Louis suit comes walking up to Omar's hideout. El Burrito Mal, posted outside, rolls his eyes, pulls his gun, and calls to Omar. The whole crew comes outside with him, pointing their weapons at Michael. "You shouldn't point guns at friends," Michael whispers, which for "Louis" is pretty much the equivalent of kissing Omar on the mouth. Omar does anyway, saying Michael almost got them killed, and Vega's looking all over for them. Of course Omar doesn't know about the tracking device Michael's crew put in his car, so as far as he knows, just finding him is another sign of Louis's omnipotence. Michael breathes, "You shoot me, you'll still have a problem with Vega. You don't, Vega will have a problem with me." He wants Omar to take him to Vega so he can finish this. "Hear me out. Inside. Now." He cocks his fingers for a snap at this last, and that's enough to get him invited in. I wonder what would have blown up this time, or was that one just a bluff?

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Burn Notice




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