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The Devil and Michael Westen

Over at Madeline's house, Michael, still in his suit, comes out the back door to find Sam piling some of his crap that he's been storing in Madeline's garage into the yard. Apparently Sam is moving in with Ms. and Mrs. Reynolds. Michael brings up that awkwardness about their Buick getting totaled, but Sam says, "You know, sometimes a loss can bring people together." Even if one of them is never seen? After trying unsuccessfully to unload a hula-girl lamp on Michael, Sam asks how the meeting with Gilroy went, and Michael explains that Gilroy is waiting to see if Michael's as bad as he says. Sam's not sure that's so wise, "playing the rogue operative, after everything you've done to clear your name?" Which is...what, exactly? Michael says he doesn't have much choice. Just then Madeline comes to the door to tell Sam he has a visitor, and Sam sets his beer down, leaving Michael to reexamine that lamp. Think of it as a major award.

Sam follows Madeline through the house to see a guy in a blue denim shirt standing there with a cowboy hat in his hand. "Mack," Sam says in surprise. Mack steps forward, says something in a cornpone accent, and sticks a hand out. "Mack -- Sam's Old Friend," the subtitles inform us. Sam decks him, to Madeline's shock. Mack assures Madeline that he deserved it. "Mack -- Sam's Former Friend," the subtitles amend. So with the subtitles on his side, Sam hits him again. He looks ready to continue the beating, until Michael runs in and pulls him off. Mack says he needs Sam's help, and asks to buy him a beer. "I'm not in a drinking mood," Sam says, and walks away. So Sam has another mood? Sam and Madeline follow him, wondering what's going on. Sam says he and Mack were in the SEALs together, but beyond that he doesn't feel like sharing. Still, for Michael, he agrees to let Mack buy him a beer. Like Michael could give a shit.

Down at the Carlito,. Sam is clearly not too many beers in when he brusquely tells Mack to state his business. Mack says that he's now on the police force in Houston, working child abductions. I think he means solving them. And now he needs Sam's help catching his perviest perp. He slides a manila folder across the table to Sam, and we all know how Sam can't resist a manila folder. It contains information and a photo of a bug-eyed guy named Rincon. Mack built a big old case against him, but when they went to pick him up, the house blew up and some of his best men were killed. "Sorry to hear that," Sam manages grudgingly. Mack says that the brass threw him under the bus and closed the case, but Mack is convinced Rincon is alive and in Miami. Sam thinks this is just about Mack trying to clear his name, but Mack insists that all his other cases will fall apart if he goes down. "A lot of bad guys could walk." That sounds like a major failing of the Houston police department, if you ask me. Sam gets quiet long enough to make Mack think it's going to be a no, but then Sam asks if this is a two-man job. Mack asks if Sam knows a third man. "I do, but I wouldn't call her a third man to her face," Sam advises. Mack offers to clink bottles, but Sam's still cold. "We do this, you go home, that's it," he says. They're totally going to end up making out.

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Burn Notice




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