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n't know whether I should be more concerned about where you were or why you're back," Fi says. So Michael explains about the thing with Vaughn and Simon and the war-for-hire thing he's looking into, which totally pisses her off. Yep, here they go again.

Inside the loft, Sam and Winston bring Michael up to speed on the Breakers. All Sam knows about them is that the top boss of the whole gang is someone named Big Ed. "Apparently he's quite large." Michael says they'll need to talk to him to call off the hit, saying they'll just need to make it worth the Breakers' while to do so. After Winston gets the official "Winston -- The Client" subtitle, Michael says, "Call Barry."

At the Carlito, Barry is explaining how biker gangs work -- they own everything that belongs to the bikers, apparently, which I guess makes it easy for Barry to fake stuff. Michael wants to go with the option where it looks like Winston was doing gunrunning for them, so that if he dies, the FBI will have an opening to investigate the Breakers. All they need to do to get the info Barry needs is break into the office above the bar where the Breakers hang out. And how hard could that be?

Not hard, I guess, because they're giving that job to Fi. She walks into the raucous place wearing an amount of eyeliner equal in mass to her leather chaps, and as Michael VOs about how infiltrating a violent culture flooded with testosterone is a lot easier if you're an attractive woman, a big biker named Earl chats her up and offers to introduce her to Big Ed, who's macking on some chick over a pool table. Fi listens in on a conversation about Winston and how he "punked" the Breakers between Hunter and Big Ed, who threatens, "I don't care what he's packing, the next guy that steps between you and that lawyer gets a bullet in the face." Here are the subtitles: "Big Ed -- Big Problem." Earl offers to buy Fi a drink, and she nods, but dashes up the stairs instead of waiting around for him to bring it to her. Smooth, that -- waiting to sneak off until someone's expecting her to be there. He follows her up to the office and busts her, but she plays it off by acting slutty and asking, "Want to see what I brought to play with?" That would be her trusty taser, with which she zaps him unconscious. While he snoozes on the floor, conveniently blocking the door with his inert bulk, Fi grabs some papers from a file cabinet and goes over them with a pocket scanner, because as Michael VOs, digital cameras suck for taking clear pictures of documents. By now another biker is outside the door trying to get in, and Fi finishes up and sneaks out just in time -- through a hole she makes in the wall by pulling out a 12-inch ventilation fan. I'm not even making that up.

Back at the loft, the gang is explaining to a skeptical Winston how this is going to work when Michael gets a call from Vaughn wanting him to stop by. At Vaughn's hotel suite, he tells Michael he was right about Hart being targeted by the government. And now he wants Michael to break into the facility of the agency that's doing it. He hands him a card key and some paperwork, and cuts him loose to get back to his biker gang. "Don't get shot. We have a lot of work to do." He's a lot more flexible than Carla was. Perhaps he'll even live longer.

Michael, Sam, and Winston are outside the house of Big Ed's girlfriend, synchronizing their watches. Michael reminds Sam, "And remember, we just want to have a nice, polite conversation with him after we kidnap him." They move in while Winston watches from the car.

Sam and Michael burst into the house from separate entrances, because as Michael VOs, you want to make them have to choose which front to defend. They've got the drop on them, but Big Ed and the girlfriend don't give up, and give them a pretty good fight before they manage to subdue them. Michael takes down Big Ed by riding him like a bronco while administering a sleeper hold that seems to take forever to work, whereas Sam has to get over his reluctance to hit a woman. This probably would have gone a lot more smoothly if Sam and Michael had been willing to actually fire their guns instead of just wave them around.

After things settle down and they've gotten their captives to some place near the shore, Michael calls Fi to establish that she's staking out the biker bar. Then he introduces Winston to Big Ed. Big Ed makes the standard threats about how Winston's dead no matter what, even if they kill Big Ed. "Okay, let's say he's dead," Michael says agreeably, and starts going through the stack of fake documents that will bring the feds down on the Breakers if anything happens to Winston. "It's your call. Destroy everything to kill a man you never met [even though he just met him, thanks to Michael], or call Hunter off and you all continue to ride." Big Ed asks for a phone and tells Hunter to meet him at his girlfriend's house, alone. "I'm calling off the green light on the lawyer," he says. He maybe shouldn't have said that on the phone.

Cut to Sam, Michael, and Winston in the Charger, watching from a distance as Big Ed waits for his minion. Michael VOs about how the start of peace negotiations is dangerous, before terms have been agreed to. And as three bikes roll up, he adds, "You know negotiations are off to a bad start when people can't even agree on terms with their own side." Indeed, it looks like this is about to be a mutiny. Hunter even pulls on Big Ed. "Start the car, Sam," Michael says. When Hunter fires and wings Big Ed, a gunfight commences. Fortunately, none of these idiots can shoot in the open at point-blank range, let alone hiding behind all the bikes in the driveway. Michael tells Sam to "Get in there," and they swoop in to rescue Big Ed. Winston's the one who has to get out of the car to pull him out of the crossfire, which I guess is one way to help Michael feel like he's earning his usual fee of nothing. Sam drives off with the mutineer bikers in pursuit. Michael says it's time for plan B, and when Winston asks what that is, he says, "I'm...working on it." Hey, it's been a while. People get rusty.

The chase continues after the ads, with Hunter shooting at them. Big Ed says Hunter's committed now, and can't back down. "Are the Breakers with you or are they with him?" Michael asks hunter. "They're with me," Big Ed says. "But they're not here and he is." A tactical mind after Michael's own heart. Michael both dials his phone and starts returning fire out the window, telling Fi to get all the bikers over to Biscayne highway. "Things have changed," he yells at her when she protests.

So Fi walks up to the bar, hits one of the bikers in the face with a helmet, and steals a bike and rides off on it. They pursue, obviously. I guess it would have been too easy to say, "Hey, guys, follow me!"

The car chase continues at length, Michael's VO tells us how hard it is to shoot at a car from a motorcycle and vice versa, which I guess is his way of explaining why this is going on for so long. Sam shakes off one of the pursuers by making him crash, but Michael's out of bullets. When Sam sees Fi rushing up the road to meet them on her stolen bike, he spins the car around to head back at Hunter and his sidekick, then pulls to a stop in just such a way as to bounce Hunter off the trunk and into the road. Once everyone comes to a stop, Sam's a little nervous, but Michael says it'll be fine; they made a deal. Sure enough, when Big Ed gets out of the car and tells everyone to stand down, they do. Then he kicks Hunter around some and puts Hunter's biker vest on Winston. So Winston is officially under the gang's protection now. Of course, there is that matter of all the documents tying Winston to any number of illegal activities, but I guess that's the lesser of two evils, at least until Michael and the gang ride off into the sunset. Speaking of which, Big Ed turns to them and says, "You three. I don't know who you are or where you came from, but I never want to see your faces again." They quickly agree, and all four of them jump into the car. Looks like Hunter's beating will continu

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