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At the villa, Fi has moved Natalie out to the veranda, although she's still handcuffed. Natalie starts to wonder if she'll ever get to see her son again, and Fi says she will, if she helps them. Just then, Fi's phone vibrates. On the other end is Barry, who has tracked Bennett Tash to somewhere in Overtown. With that new information, Fi asks Natalie if Milovan ever wanted to go to Overtown. Natalie is suddenly reluctant for her own sake to roll over on him, but Fi tells her to be brave. "Tell Jared you'll be home soon," she says, sliding her cell phone across the coffee table to her. Natalie says, "It's a storefront on Post Street," and dials Fi's phone. Fi watches as Natalie speaks emotionally into the phone. Don't forget to check "dialed calls" when she's done, Fi. I'm just saying.

Suddenly, apparently after Fi has relayed this information to them, Michael and Sam are approaching an abandoned locksmith's shop, discussing their strategy for dealing with Tash: "Milovan keeps his business compartmentalized," Michael reminds Sam. "Nobody knows each other. Let's use that." Sam recognizes "the old we're all in this together" and agrees to go along with it. They bang on the door, and when Tash, a ratty-looking younger guy, opens the door, they tell him the boss sent them and the whole operation's going south. Tash lets them in, saying nobody's checked in with him. He goes into the other room, ostensibly to get a drink. But as soon as he's out of sight, Michael VOs, "In any new situation when you're going in cold, you have to be alert to warning signs." There's a click from the other room. "The sound of a MAC-10's bolt action, for example." Under what circumstances would that be a good sound to hear? Michael and Sam look at each other and dive behind the counter, as the dividing wall and the whole place starts getting shot up. "A MAC-10 can fire fifty rounds in a few seconds," Michael VOs, "but it's one of the least accurate guns in the hands of an amateur." Michael signals Sam to return some covering fire, which Sam does just by sticking his gun hand over the counter, while Michael moves into a new position. "Survive the first burst, and you've got a decent chance," the VO concludes. Tash comes into the front room, and while he's reloading, Michel tackles him and Sam disarms him. "You know, you could use some time at the gun range, Bennett," Michael says. "Where's the ledger?" Tash just says he has instructions to shoot any visitors on sight, and begs them to kill him right now, because apparently he's just that scared of his boss. He doesn't even know where the ledger is. "The deal's set for five this afternoon," he says. "I'm just waiting on a call to see where." While Michael duct-tapes Tash to the wall, Sam says they know it's his job to upload the ledger, so he has to have it. Or at least a PDF. Tash denies it. "The only one who knows where that ledger is is her." Sam and Michael are pretty slow on the uptake, but after way too long, they realize that the boss behind this is actually Natalie. Milovan, Bennett says, is just a fall guy whose kids she threatened. "She's a killer." I'm trying to be surprised, but once again it's that common situation where a recognizable actor turns out to be the villain of the piece. Although I have to give major props for the misdirection with Debi Mazar earlier. But why, if Natalie was the bad guy all along, did she keep feeding the team clues that ended up panning out? Maybe we're supposed to assume that she figured they'd be thwarted by the fire safe, and when that didn't work, they'd be killed by Tash. Clearly she overestimated both. Anyway, while I'm processing all this, Sam and Michael realize they left Fi alone with her. "Tell her I'm dead!" Bennett yells at them as they rush out.

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Burn Notice




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