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Back at the villa, Fi and Natalie are sitting there bored. Fi offers her something to eat, but she just shrugs. Meanwhile, Sam's driving the Buick at hazardous speeds through the streets to get back to Fi, while Michael tries to raise her on her cell phone. Lucky for Natalie, Fi's in the kitchen and doesn't hear her phone vibrating, but Natalie does. She ostensibly changes her mind about food, to mask the buzzing and also keep Fi in the kitchen a bit longer while she shuts the phone off entirely. When Fi returns with yogurt for both of them, Natalie asks her to take the cuffs off so she can pee. She's been holding it since yesterday, apparently. Fi goes to find the keys. Meanwhile, Sam's driving his girlfriend's mom's Buick like a madman (clearly he doesn't hate Fi that much) while Michael calls Barry to ask if he'sI heard from Fi, and to tell her if he does that Natalie's the boss. Back at the villa, Fi returns without the handcuff keys, as the Buick goes the wrong way down a one-way street. "I'll get something to pick the lock," Fi says when Natalie gives her a pleading look. Michael still can't get a hold of Fi. "That's bad, Mike," Sam says. "That's real bad." Helpful. Also, keep your eyes on the road, Lightning McQueen.

When we come back, Fi has the cuffs off of Natalie, inviting her to take a bathroom break. Meanwhile, Sam and Michael are returning to the grounds, guns drawn. "Like good poker players," Michael VOs, "spies know it's impossible to hide the tells that come with a bloodstream full of adrenalin." Taking in the situation from across the courtyard, Michael holsters his gun, VOing, "If showing fear or concern jeopardizes a mission, you replace it with an emotion that won't." So clearly the shot is to let Natalie think they're still not onto her, which is going to make this upcoming scene rather complicated. And it starts off with a bang, as Michael storms up to Fi and slaps her hard across the face, for real. Yikes, was that really necessary? I mean, I'm no fan of Fi, but I like guys who hit women a lot less. He acts angry at her for uncuffing Natalie to mask that adrenalin like he was just VOing about. He grabs Natalie and manhandles her back into the bedroom while Fi follows, screaming at him to leave Natalie alone. Sam tells Fi that Tash didn't have the ledger after all. "Poor bastard never even got the call from Milovan to set the location," he adds loudly. They shut Natalie in the room, and Michael immediately and urgently whispers to Fi, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Listen, she is the one selling the ledger. We are going to let her go, follow her, and grab it when she tries to make the sale." He keeps apologizing, but she angrily slaps his hands away. After a moment to pull herself together, she gets on board. She asks Michael, loudly enough for Natalie to hear through the door, what happened to Tash. Michael says Tash is dead, just like Tash asked them to. Sam adds that they have some cleaning to do, starting with Milovan in the bathroom. "Better drainage," Sam says. He also hands Fi the keys to the Buick to give to Natalie, whispering, "It's easy to tail." Is that the first time you've noticed that, Sam? The bit of theater continues as they pretend to give Fi orders to kill Natalie. "You're a goddamn piece of work," Fi whispers to Michael. I don't blame her for being pissed. Maybe when this is all over, Michael can go slap Barry for Fi and they can call it even.

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Burn Notice




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