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A three-way pursuit ensues, with Michael in a red Cadillac, Fi in a gray Honda, and Sam in a dark-gray Mustang as Michael VOs, "Once you have eyes on the target, it's just a matter of handing off surveillance at regular intervals." And that's what they do. As Sam roars up behind Natalie, about as inconspicuously as a monster truck rally, Michael's VO adds, "Hang behind your target too long, and they'll wonder why you're not passing. The best way to avoid that suspicion is to pass them." Which Sam does, noisily, giving the rest of the team directions over his Bluetooth as to where he sees Natalie turning off in his mirror: South Pointe Park. How diabolically clever of her: fleeing to a spot with only one escape route back to the continental United States.

We catch up with Natalie sitting on a park bench, with Sam and Michael watching surreptitiously from a picnic table while Fi watches from the car she stole. They're all getting pretty bored with watching her sit there and do nothing until a guy on a dorky bicycle rides up for the third time. Without a word to each other, he and Natalie both drop keys on the ground and pick each other's up. Once the exchange is completed, Fi's the only one who can see that the cyclist is retrieving the ledger from a beach locker. "I'm going after the buyer. Take Natalie," Michael commands into his Bluetooth. Fi's all over it. With Sam following, gun in hand, Michael strolls casually up to the bike path, and when the biker pedals past, he sends him toppling with a hard shove, easily retrieving the ledger. "Property of Barry Burkowski" is written in the endpapers. I'm surprised that security measure didn't work better.

Meanwhile, Natalie closes a car's trunk on a duffel stuffed with money and turns to catch a faceful of Fi's fist. Fi draws a gun on her and tells her, "It's over, Natalie." Natalie says that's just a name on a passport. "Whatever your name is, you lose," Fi says. Which is when Natalie levels a gun of her own at Fi with a jaunty little "Boop." Seeing a field trip group approaching and hiding the gun behind her hip without lowering her aim, Natalie explains that she always has her buyers load the trunk with two things: "duffel full of cash, and a gun full of bullets." For situations just like this one, apparently. Stepping away from Fi, into the path of the field trip, Natalie also reveals that "Jared" is just a picture in a keychain. "Now, I know you're not the type to shoot into a crowd of little kids, but I am," she says, and starts walking away with them. "You're leaving without your cash?" Fi asks. Natalie just threatens to "drop one" if Fi moves. "See you around!" "Count on it"! Fi spits. Then she follows the group to a parked van Natalie just disappeared around, only to find her good and gone. Nice work, Fi. Although, if she decides to keep Natalie's money, this would be the team's most lucrative job in the history of ever.

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Burn Notice




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