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It's still raining when Michael comes into Madeline's attic to see Sam packing for what looks like a trip. "Goin' out with Ms. Reynolds," Sam confirms. "Got new underwear and everything." Sam ruffles a small stack of fresh boxers, which we get a close-up of. I'm sure it's just a coincidence that we're also getting a close-up of the label of the same beer we just saw advertised in the commercial break. Sam gushes about a friend's villa that he's getting to borrow for the weekend. Michael asks Sam whether he was able to learn anything about the license plate he got, but before revealing what he knows, Sam expresses his own doubts about Michael working with Strickler. "He can help clear my name, I don't get to be choosy," Michael says. But apparently he gets to be pissy about it with his friends. Sam says the car was rented with a stolen credit card, but that same card has been used repeatedly to buy gas in a specific neighborhood, which points Sam to the Wages Motel (just as the name of the episode's Director of Photography, William Wages, A.S.C, pops up in the credits. Nice shout-out to the cinematographer). Sam knows Michael wants to get some surveillance going on the cleaner, but warns him that he won't exactly blend in with the bluehairs at the bingo parlor across the street. Sounds like a job for Madeline. But Sam warns Michael, "She's been a little out of sorts since the roof started leaking...for some crazy reason, she thinks it has to do with the time I blew up the house." Michael doesn't even hear that, because while helping Sam fold his laundry, he's discovered a fresh horror that he's now holding in his hands. ""Strictly need-to-know, Mike," Sam says, snatching away a skimpy pair of manties. Yeah, I don't think anybody needed to know that.

Michael joins Madeline down on the main floor, where bowls and buckets are scattered around. There are drips everywhere -- including Fi. Michael assures his mom that all she'll need to do is watch for the cleaner and stay inconspicuous. He also promises to fix the roof in exchange for her help with this. While she's off getting her purse, Fi gives Michael a hard time about dragging his mom into working with Strickler. He gets defensive and she lets it drop, just in time for Michael to get a cell phone call from a very desperate-sounding Barry, who says he's calling in all the favors Michael owes him. How many is that, exactly? Michael tries to demur, but Barry insists he meet him at the Carlito right away. "And bring Fiona, 'cause this could get a little... violent." Especially if Michael brings Fiona. Michael agrees to be right there, as water from his mom's leaky ceiling drips down his forehead. To his credit, Michael is very Iron Eyes Cody about this indignity.

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Burn Notice




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