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Ledger Domain

Cut to the Carlito, where Barry worriedly informs Michael and Fi that his ledger has been stolen. What's that? "The list of my clients and all the accounts where I...protect their money," Barry explains. That sounds like something you'd have trouble being a money launderer without. Michael is surprised that Barry writes it all down in one place, and Barry says it's part of his shtick, to protect it from hackers and the IRS. But then he got a call this morning from someone, threatening to sell the ledger if he doesn't come up with five million dollars by Thursday. The thief couldn't just make withdrawals from Barry's clients' accounts using the information in the ledger itself? That sounds like a much more low-impact way to go. "If somebody starts blackmailing my clients..." Barry finishes, expecting his friends to step in and tell him to calm down. But they just politely watch his performance until he asks if he needs to beg. Fi's all for that, but Michael isn't. "Barry -- The Client," the subtitles say. He hasn't had a subtitle for a while, since way back when we had to be reminded every week that he was a money launderer.

So, on to the case. Barry says he keeps the ledger in a private storage space that he rented under an alias, Why does he not just carry the ledger around with him? Wouldn't it be kind of a pain to have to make a trip to the E-Z Han-D U-Stor-It every time he makes a transaction? He says there's nothing else in there but some cash and some paperwork belonging to "Amy." This would be Barry's new girlfriend, who Barry thinks is going to be pissed when she finds out her will and deed to her house were stolen. Like you and I, Michael and Fi seem to grok the connection between Barry having a new girlfriend and getting his ledger stolen in the same fiscal quarter. Michael explains to Barry what a "Trojan horse" is: "You put a tracker on a document, you give it to someone to hide..." "They follow the signal back to the hiding place," Fi finishes. Barry doesn't want to believe that his "special lady" could be part of this, but Fi assures him they'll sort it out. I believe a catfight was just foreshadowed.

At the bingo parlor, Madeline's wearing her "blending in" sunglasses, the ones that look like they were fashioned out of two Os in the Hollywood sign. Michael VOs, "Anyone trained in counter-surveillance knows that most field ops are between 22, when people finish training, and 55, when they retire. Which is why even wary operatives don't usually pay attention to kids or anyone on Social Security." Madeline's got a good view of the entrance to the Wages Motel, and a photo of the Cleaner tucked under her Bingo cards to consult whenever someone comes out. She's also got a Bluetooth on, which she uses to talk to Sam, who's parked outside in that inconspicuous, fire-engine-red classic Buick. He assures her she'll be fine; just call if she sees the target, and keep a low profile. Sam drives off, and she immediately calls bingo. I know that was supposed to be ironic, what with coming right after her agreeing to stay inconspicuous, but she would have attracted a lot more attention filling up cards and not saying anything.

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